Monthly Archives: December 2011

An Overview of Diablo 3 AoE Farming Skills Part 1

I was leveling up my Wizard in the Diablo 3 beta when at some point I shot a giant purple arcane orb at my enemies and it exploded, knocking them all to the ground. Having not read the tool tip for the skill before I through it on my action bar, I was pretty impressed […]

Diablo 3 Release Date

The development of Diablo 3 was announced in June of 2008 in Paris at the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational. Over 3 and a half years of waiting and we are playing in beta, reading fan sites and learning details of the game from data miners, speculators and lucky beta participants. The question on all our minds […]

Real Money Auction House Diablo 3

Thursday Blizzard released a beta version of the Real Money Auction House (RMAH), possibly one of the biggest jaw dropping features coming in Diablo 3. This will streamline the real money making potential for all players, whether they work for a Chinese farmer or not. Blizzard’s online games have always been carefully protected from hackers […]