Barbarian Farming Build

The Barbarian brings the typical melee destruction, leaping into combat, cleaving, stomping, causing earthquakes and the likes. As you have seen in my other class farming builds, here is what I think promises to be a kickass way to farm with the Barbarian. The idea for this build is that it’s suitable for rapid completion of relatively easy content. I’m not saying this build won’t work in difficult content, but its focus is on content that has been completed before, where the Barbarian wants to reach a certain objective quickly, look for rare packs/elites or just kill a massive number of enemies as fast as possible.


In order to farm effectively, the Barbarian needs massive AoE damage, high fury regenration to reduce downtine and travel buffs. You can see how I accomplished these three goals here:!Shg!YYbaab or by reading below.

Play Style

The play style of this build goes like this: Use extra Fury to Sprint from battle to battle and into combat. Use Cleave to generate Fury and do AoE damage. The Brawler passive increases your short-range AoE damage. Use Ancient Spear to clean up the last few enemies and to generate some extra Fury.

Seismic Slam whenever you have 15 Fury and there are enemies to be killed. Keep Battle Rage up the whole time for massive damage bonus. Use Earthquake whenever needed (75 second cooldown instead of 120). The Unforgiving passive gives you extra Fury to fuel your rampage.


Cleave with Broad Sweep. This is massive AoE damage to generate Fury. You won’t be sad when this is your only ability available.


Seismic Slam with Strength from the Earth. The skill rune brings the Fury cost down to 15 Fury, giving you more opportunities to use this ability and leaving more fury available for Sprint. Cleave actually doee more damage than Seismic Slam when there are only a few enemies around.


Move quickly in and out of battles with Sprint. The Marathon skill runes gives you 5 seconds of sprint and ups the speed bonus to 50 seconds. This is ideal for solo farming, if you want to group farm grab Forced March.


Ancient Spear with Grappling Hooks. This will help clean up those mobs that are far away. It does a little more damage than Cleave but has a 10 second cool down. This is the ability that I will change first if I don’t like how this build works, since it is not a core component to this build.


Battle Rage with Marauder’s Rage gives you 30% damage bonus for 30 seconds. Keep this buff up to maximize your AoE destruction.


Easy choice: Earthquake. The tooltip might as well say “kills everything” since it does 2000% damage as Fire over 8 seconds to all enemies within 18 yards. I grabbed The Mountain’s Call skill rune to reduce its cooldown to 105 seconds. The Boon of Bul-Kathos passive reduces it another 30 seconds to 75 total. Hell yeah.


Boon of Bul-Kathos, reduces Earthquake cooldown by another 30 seconds. Do it more. Unforgiving gives you 0.5 Fury per second instead of fury degeneration. Brawler increases your close range AoE damage by 30%. If I had to, I’d drop Unforgiving and grab something to further specialize this build. There are lots of options.

Pros & Cons

This build obviously rocks because of AoE damage but sucks because of minimal single target damage. I’m not  how important single-target is going to be, if it is then a different build may be necessary. This build is going to make it possible to convert the Barbarian into an unstoppable and fast farmer.

Think you can make a better farming build then this? Go ahead, be my guest. E-mail to me and I’ll be glab to share it. Otherwise, what do you think of my Barbarian Farming Build?

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  1. Hi, this is my first comment here, thanks for all the tips, this site is awesome. About this build, have you thought of swapping hooks with Weapon Throw, with Dread Bomb rune? Fury builds up way too fast i think, and Dread Bomb can clear a lot of mobs fast.

    • KingRock, I don’t know man. I wrote this before the game released and haven’t worked extensively enough with the Barbarian to expand it. If you’re interested in expanding it contact me at

      • Well i just reached inferno, i am near the end of act 1. Getting my a** kicked there, so i am looking around for farming builds and what works best for me, to farm for inferno gear. I will sent you an e-mail when i figure it out. And it’s roOk not rock.

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