Boss Farming in Diablo 3

Farming bosses in Diablo 2 was a favorite pass time for most players. You could make gold and get powerful gear. In World of Warcraft it’s the primary way to gear up your character. You run the same heroics over and over and over again and then the same raids each week on each character. It seems completely natural that boss farming will be an important aspect in Diablo 3.  Last week, I showed you how players can make 20,000 in an hour by farming Captain Daltyn and even more by farming Mira Eamon.

Farming Diablo

In the beta, just about everyone farms the Skeleton King over and over. I’ve tested various methods and so far there really isn’t anything that beats these strategies when it comes to make gold.

Leave it to Bashiok to ruin our dreams and make me sound like an idiot. A few days ago he said very clearlyyou will not be farming bosses.” He goes on to explain that the loot tables of bosses will not compare to the awesome loot tables of “rare and champion packs“. These are the elites that you find when exploring randomly generated areas and dungeons. These are often found way off the path in hidden cellars, caves and dungeons. These places usually have generic names like Dusty Cellar or Creepy Ass Cave. You’ll find them on your way to the Skeleton King, or any other boss I’m sure, but the point is that Blizzard wants us to go hunting for epic lootz.

It’s not just going to be about finding these packs though. We’re also going to have to kill them, which Bashiok makes sound like a big deal. They will be given random affixes which will put us up against any random combination of Knockback, Teleporting, Cheating and all the other enemy affixes in the game. Given our character’s build we’re going to have to figure out the best way to dispatch these clowns before we can see what we’ve earned. This is going to add a unique dimension to the game, not only will we have to master our classes but we’ll have to master the mechanics of various mob types. We’ll want to pay extra attention to the way the random map generation works and how to utilize our specific build against whoever we’re put up against.

Will we still be able to make gold farming Subtle Essence and other trade goods early after release? I think so, it’s just not going to be a huge part of the game several months after release. Until then, we have a lot of other questions worth asking. Where are the best places to find these packs? What’s the best way to hunt them down, can we incorporate boss runs at the same time, what type of gear sets should we carry and what type of parties will we need to take them down?


Important: Many of the strategies and tips I share here were originally inspired by the people at the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum. If you're serious about making the big bucks in Diablo 3, or just being the best players, you need to signup ASAP.

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  1. love your site and your well written articles!

    bosses are for content, level and difficulty progression. rare mobs are for epic equipment, as far as i understand.
    i believe chasing those random mobs in rather random levels with random abilities will provide tons more entertainment than static boss fights. was never a pve fan (esp. in wow) because of that, the most exhilarating thrill will be provided through progress (raids) and first kills! changing and unexpected fights make pvp superior to pve and those chance encounters favor my type of gameplay … at least i hope!
    keep up the work and dont forget to
    stay golden.

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