Crafting Legendary Gear in Diablo 3

In World of Warcraft I’ve made a lot of my gold crafting epic gear from the latest raid or just by crafting items that have a good track record of selling. Examples like this are the latest PvP gear and beginner level tank gear. Is there a potential to do this in Diablo 3? A lot of things are unknown but we can take a look at the current recipes and see what we can figure out.

Artisan Opportunities

The only Artisan that can craft gear is the Blacksmith. Although it has been said in several places by the Blizzard team that the Jeweler will craft amulets and necks. These necks will certainly be as valuable as blacksmithing items but I feel that Blacksmithing is going to be the primary crafting profession anyways. You should only focus on one artisan at a time in the first few months of game to avoid wasting a bunch of valuable resources leveling another. Whether you decide to level your Jeweler or Blacksmith is up to you. The only information we have now is on the Blacksmith, we’ll just assume that the Jeweler will work the same way.

What’s a Legendary Item?

There are five qualities of items in Diablo 3, junk (gray), normal (white), magic (blue), rare (yellow) and legendary (orange). In the beta, I haven’t seen a single legendary item. I have noticed a pattern as far as the quality’s stats.

  • Junk and Normal items have no stacks, these are almost always salvaged.
  • Magic Items have anywhere from 1-3 stats on them.
  • Rare Items have 3-6 stats on them.
  • Legendary will probably have 6-8?!?!

Legendary items will be pretty rare, and might not even have random properties. They will be pretty damn valuable even if a player doesn’t use them because they can be salvaged into Petrified Bark or its equivalent legendary crafting materials.

What’s it take to make a legendary item?

Based on the extremely limited information available in the beta, we know that in order to craft a legendary item we’ll have to have at least 3-4 legendary crafting materials. This means that we’ll need to salvage 3-4 other legendary items. That sucks and will be pretty expensive. We’ll also need to salvage 15-20 rare items, 10-15 magic items and 10-20 common items.

That’s a lot of information that is probably really hard to comprehend. Keep in minnd that when you salvage a magic item you will get both a magic crafting material and a normal crafting material.

Salvaging Items

What about Rare gear?

It might be more likely that your typical crafter is crafting rare gear. If this is the case, it’s important to note that the vast majority of crafts, probably all of them, have several ‘random properties’ on them. Meaning that you won’t know what you’re going to get until you craft it. This will add a very interesting dynamic to crafting in Diablo 3.

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