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Farming Manglemaw – 100+ Subtle Essence / hr + 190 gold/minute

Thanks to a follower of Diablo 3 Artisans, DonReader, I’ve got the fastest way to farm gold and magic items in the Diablo 3 beta. This one is really good. How do I know it’s the fastest? Not only does it produce over 100 Subtle Essence PER HOUR but you will also find 190 gold […]

Farming Subtle Essence – Patch 14 – Captain Daltyn

I’ve really tested 4-5 different methods to farming in the beta. There’s the crypts farming which everyone raves about for which I haven’t done a video on yet. There’s farming Captain Daltyn, Mira Eamon and Royal Crypts. The best one I found in Patch 13 was Captain Daltyn. With the Demon Hunter you can get […]

Farming Gold in Diablo 3

Over the last few weeks I shared with you a few ways to make gold by farming bosses. Shortly afterwards Blizzard told us that we wouldn’t be farming bosses… right. Next, I wanted to figure out the fastest way I could farm gold without depending on the sale of crafting items. It’s entirely possible that […]

Boss Farming in Diablo 3

Farming bosses in Diablo 2 was a favorite pass time for most players. You could make gold and get powerful gear. In World of Warcraft it’s the primary way to gear up your character. You run the same heroics over and over and over again and then the same raids each week on each character. […]

Best Farming Class

What is the fastest way to farm in Diablo 3 and what is the best class to farm with? Players are going to be asking themselves these questions once they reach level 60 and start wondering how they can make more gold. That’s why I’m asking this question now.

Farming 21,000 gold/hr with the Demon Hunter

Today I put to test Shattered Crown runs with my Demon Hunter. I originally overlooked this quest because it involved running to the north part of Tristam, entering a cellar, and killing a dozen zombies. This takes well over the 60 seconds that my farming Subtle Essence runs took. However, with the Demon Hunter’s Vault, […]

Farming the Skeleton King

The other day we took a look at what I think is the best way to farm Subtle Essence. Now I wanted to move on to what everyone else is doing and draw a comparison. In the beta everyone just runs the Skeleton King quest line over and over again. It’s easy and only takes […]

Best Way to Farm Subtle Essence (20,000 gold/hr)

Today I went out to find the fastest way to farm Subtle Essence and to make the most gold per hour possible in beta. I did my research and wasn’t impressed with what people were already doing. Instead, I wanted to find the quickest path to a boss to collect magic items and then repeat. […]

Diablo 3 Farming – Going for Blue

Many people in the beta are trying to use their max level characters to farm the limited content available. Undeniably the best way to make gold or beta bucks in the beta is to sell rare and magic items or the materials you salvage from them. A month ago I would have told you that […]