Diablo 3 Speedruns

Today’s beta is short and easy. A brand new player can sit down and beat the first 4 quests in Act I inside an hour if they don’t read quests. If you go slow, reading quests and exploring your character you can still do it between 90 and 120 minutes pretty easily. However, if they have every quest and static path memorized, they can beat the game well under 30 minutes and as quick as 17 minutes with a brand new character and no assistance.

Several players have completed mind numbingly fast speed runs. The Patch 12 solo/new character record is 17:22 by Armada. The record for level 13 characters is 14:28 by Force. If I’m missing a video or speedrun by anyone please let me know.

Check them out:

Going for 17:22 by Armada

14:38 by Force (level 13 Barbarian)


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  1. NobleFear (Me), DrZealot, KumainPekPek, and Wellplayed2 finished the beta in 9 minutes and 26 sec.
    I soloed the beta and got 12:22 but i havent uploaded that video yet, I have the 12:44 video up.
    If anyone has a faster time than the co-op time that we have please let me know!! xD

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