Finding Cheap Gear on the Auction House

After repeated resets in the beta I had to level and gear up more characters than I would have liked to. I noticed one trick that helped me gear the characters up and still keep most of my gold. I didn’t get any screen shots, but I guarantee this same phenomenon will exist and so this trick will work in the live version of the game in 2 weeks.

Let’s say you’re looking for a Lucky helmet, that is a helmet with + Gold Find. You can match criteria for this and even combine it with other criteria if you want something else like Attack Speed or +Damage.  Once you run the search you will be inundated with results. Most of them would be +20 Gold Find, which was about as much as you would find on that item. You might see insane prices like 70,000 gold or 50,000 gold. The trick: Scroll Down!

I know it sounds pretty simple, almost stupid but if you sort by buyout price (highest on top) and then page down a few dozen times you’ll get to the lowest buyout items and these guys still have really great stats. You’ll be able to get +10-15 +Gold Find for 5,000-10,000 gold. At least that’s how it worked in the beta. It would be more convenient if you could sort by buyout price where the buyout price is greater than zero, but that feature didn’t exist in the beta so you have to page down a dozen times before you find the cheapest stuff.

Sort by Buyout

This is also a potential way to make gold flipping items. I suspect that most casual players are not going to look beyond the first 2-3 pages of what they are searching for and they will often be sorting by DPS or other predictable criteria. Will it be possible to scrape cheap items off the bottom of the buyout list and bring them to the front page? Sure, why not. Even if the item sucks compared to everyone else on the front page, if you can post it for the lowest front-page price then it’s going to get a lot of attention and some lazy shopper will buy it.

The biggest reason players will under price their equipment is because of how big of a pain it is to price a piece of gear as a casual. You have to search for similar criteria and do a lot of research before you post an item. So I’d say we can definitely use that to our advantage.

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  1. Just wanted to add a quick tip. The auction house can only display 46.5 pages of auctions at a time, so you’ll want to be very specific with the criteria you use in order to see every deal.

    Then when you search by buyout and click it twice, you’ll see the cheapest auctions (starting with those that don’t have buyouts). Just scroll through and find your deals :D

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