Gold Find Gear for Diablo 3 Farmers

When it comes to farming in Diablo 3 there are several things we can do to increase how much we make in a given amount of time. We will want to select the right dungeons for our gear and ability as well as selecting ones that make it easier or more likely to find elite monsters. We can run in a group so that we can move faster to the final boss as well as use special gear to increase what we find.

Stacking Gold Find

There are two type properties that will help you make gold in the end. There is “+ % Better Chance of Finding Magical Items,” which will… increase your chance of finding magical items. Using your Blacksmith, Magic Items will be salvaged into Essences and either sold on the auction house for gold or used to craft things with your Blacksmith. The other stat is “+ % Extra Gold From Monsters,” which will increase how much gold you find. Which of these will be more profitable in the live version of Diablo 3

Stacking + Gold From Monsters Gear

Without the Mystic, and without enhancements in Diablo 3, there isn’t much to stacking Gold Find. All you’ll need to do is hop onto the gold based auction house and find gear with the Gold Find property. Look for stuff that also compliments your character’s abilities. Make sure your boots have + Movement Speed AND Gold Find, if you can find some that have that. We don’t know how high the %s will scale on level 60 gear from Inferno difficulty, unless we base it off of T14 gems which have about 30%. If each item has 30-40% gold find we may see sets that have between 300 and 400% Gold Find total. This will definitely have a big impact on what you can make running through Inferno with your first level 60.


Stacking Gold Find gems is also very simple. Each of the 4 gems has a specific stat when it’s used in a helm and a different stat when its used elsewhere. A Topaz will give you + % Extra Gold From Monsters when used in your helmet. Find the highest quality Topaz you can find for your helmet and throw it in when you want to farm gold. Remember you can remove gems from your helmet, combine them with two equal quality gems and then re-socket them into your helmet to increase its effectiveness.

Without enhancements, there really isn’t a whole lot we can do to max our gold find. Find gold find gear, throw in a gem, get speed boots and call it a day.

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