Should you Farm in D3?

The other day a reader commented and asked if it would even be worth it to use these farming methods or if it would just be more valuable to progress through the game normally. The importance of discovering these methods is not to reuse them exactly in the live version of Diablo 3 or even to assume that most of them won’t be hot fixed at some point. The purpose is to discover the mechanics behind farming opportunities.


Leveling Fast

If you want to make real money in Diablo 3, the best thing you can do on day 1 is to level fast. Be the first to level 60 if possible. Play as often, as quickly and as efficiently as you can. Don’t spend a minute at your Blacksmith artisan until you need to. Don’t be the guy in World of Warcraft who trolls (pun intended) around Orgrimmar talking to NPCs while everyone else is racing to level 90 in Mists of Pandaria. Do not try to farm Captain Daltyn in Act I on Normal difficult!


It’s equally important to understand how the Diablo 3 economy and farming mechanics work so that you “get it” while everyone else is learning to play the game. Somewhere in either Hell or Inferno difficulty players are going to hit a wall and progression is going to slow down. Players are going to start demanding crafting materials like Wishful Essence and Exquisite Essence and we’re going to be the few who understand how farming mechanics work. While other players will be rerunning bosses earning a few magic items an hour, we will be able to rely on what we learned during the beta to be a huge supplier to the market.

In Short: Don’t expect to use the exact farming strategies that I’m sharing with you during the beta. Instead, understand how they work (checkpoints, going backwards, racing to bosses, random cellars near waypoints, breaking objects, etc) so that we can be among the few people to take advantage of them before everyone else starts to in the live version of the game.

Important: Many of the strategies and tips I share here were originally inspired by the people at the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum. If you're serious about making the big bucks in Diablo 3, or just being the best players, you need to signup ASAP.

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