Sweeping Changes to Stats and Artisan Leveling

After last week’s announcement, among other things, that they were removing the Mystic Artisan (I never saw her anyways) and removing the Nephelum Cube today we’re met with Patch 10. What’s in Patch 10? More sweeping changes. We’re sitting at about 1 month after the latest projected release date and we’re still talking about what the game will include, how it will work and what’s to come in upcoming patchs. This definitely makes me rethink my predicted release date for Diablo III.

Artisan Leveling

Now that there are only two Artisans to train to exalted level, Blizzard announced that the Normal difficulty tiers (Apprentice, Journeyman, Adept and Master) will require only gold. This will change the total costs of Blacksmithing and Jeweling significantly. These changes haven’t been made to the online game guide so I can’t yet see if the higher tiers have been made more difficult, but I doubt it. This comes in light of their promise to significantly reduce the amount of trash items and white crafting materials found in the game. Without all that normal quality junk dropping in the early dungeons I guess I can understand why they had to remove the requirement for items that are no longer in the game.

Stat Changes

Stat changes also have an effect of significantly altering not only characters but gems and enhancements. The gems haven’t been updated yet, the ruby and topaz still give defense and attack. We’ll probably see a 1 to 1 relationship between available gems and the 4 key stats: Dexterity, Intellect, Strength and Vitality. Here is how they break down:

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