Using Followers in Diablo 3 for Farming and Progression

In Diablo 3, similar to Diablo 2, you will have the option of using 1 of 3 different followers. These ‘mercenaries’ are unlocked as you complete certain quests throughout each difficulty of the game. The followers can be used to help fight back the minions of hell and defeat Diablo. Certainly each one will have their own strengths and weaknesses, and this is difficult to determine since we only have access to the Templar in the Diablo 3 beta.


While you can not control your follower as they help out, you will be able to customize their abilities by selecting from one of two abilities every 5 levels they earn. You can see all of their available abilities at’s official skill calculator:

The Templar

The Templar is unlocked in the first half of the first act of the game. His main feature seems to be that he will be able to heal his allies, provide regeneration buffs and even taunt and stun targets that are causing you a lot of grief. Perhaps the Templar will be best suited for tough progression where extra heals, buffs, stuns and taunts will help a lot.

The Scoundrel

There isn’t much known about the scoundrel. He’s a theiving ranged attacker; with skills similar to a hunters in World of Warcraft or a Demon Hunter’s in Diablo 3. Using his crossbow he should be a very efficient damage dealer. Unlike the Templar, the Scoundrel does no healing at all. One of his top tier abilities is Hysteria which will give everyone a damage buff. Otherwise his skills just offer ways to poison, blind, slow and do lots of damage to the enemy. The Scoundrel looks like the best candidate to do damage for end game boss runs.

The Enchantress

Eirena the enchantree is the third follower available. She’ll offer arcane support from ranged which reminds me somewhat of a succubus from World of Warcraft. Her initial abilities are to either charm an enemy to fight on your team or to disorient a group of enemies. Later she will cast giant AoEs doing damage and disorienting effects. Her final tier includes a hex that will turn all enemies in an area into chickens. The Enchantress appears to have the best of the follower’s AoE abilities.

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