What are the Most Challenging Boss Modifiers? (Poll)

I posted a near-complete list of boss modifiers yesterday. Some of these are fierce depending on what class you play. They include everything from reflect damage, plagued, frozen to mortar. Which ones do you think are the most challenging? Please vote below or on the right sidebar. If you have a favorite combination post it in the comments below. Otherwise, here is a video of one of my favorite: Illusionist Mortar Fast to get you in the mood:

What's are the Most Challenging Mob Modifiers (select 5)?

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  1. Poll didn’t work for me. i picked 5 then it said please choose a valid poll answer.

    My 5 are the ones that hurt ranged – mortar and anti-kite mods (jailer, waller etc). I also find vampiric can be incredibly annoying as my dps is a little low.

  2. 4 is the max isn’t it?

  3. The poll script used probably only allowed a minimum of 5.

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