Diablo 3 Builds

The skill system in Diablo 3 is incredibly flexible, dynamic and unique. You can reconfigure your build just about any time in the game at the cost of a short pause before you can use the new skills.

The Barbarian has 22 different active skills, each with 6 rune options. This equates to roughly (22*6)*(21*6)*(20*6)*(19*6)*(18*6)*(17*6) or 2,506,423,772,160 ways to customize active skills. There are also 16 Passive Skills and you can pick 3 of them making a possible 16*15*14 or 3,360 different combinations. In total that makes 8,421,583,874,457,600 ways to customize your character. This ignores duplicates where the orders are slightly different, so the number is probably a little bit smaller. The point is, there are TONS of ways to customize your character.

If you don’t use elective mode you will still have (3*6)*(4*6)*(4*6)*(4*6)*(4*6)*(3*6) or 107,495,424 active skill combinations and 3,360 passive skill combinations. Giving you a total of 361,184,624,640 choices total. This means that you could potentially spend a lot of time customizing and tweaking your build. As a matter of fact I consider this to be one of the biggest non-combat time sinks in Diablo 3.

That’s why I’m putting together and collecting a hand full of starter builds. These will all be based on your general goal: AoE, Farming, Leveling, High Damage, Survivability and PvP. I could use your help, please e-mail me or comment with your favorite builds so that I can add them to this collection. Otherwise, enjoy the collection!

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