Diablo 3 Jeweler

Covetous Shen is the Jeweler in Diablo 3. You will unlock access to him during the second Act and he will show up in every city on every character from then on. He offers your character the ability to combine gems and remove gems from existing gear. Gems are used to add special stats to gear with sockets already in them (there is currently no way to add a socket to gear).

Diablo 3 Jeweler

Combining Gems

Combining gems is pretty self explanatory. You take 3 of one tier and combine them to get 1 of the next tier. The higher level tiers start to cost a lot of extra money and materials to combine.

Do not combine low level gems. Gems are currently for sale on the auction house and are over priced. It is currently a sellers market. You should sell your gems on the in game auction house instead of combining them. For example, if you sell 3 Chipped Gems you will make more than enough money to buy 3 Flawed gems of the same color. If you combine those 3 Chipped gems and then sell them as a single Flawed gem you will effectively lose money.

Some of the higher level gems you might be able to make a profit with or save money by combining yourself. Use my Jeweler Gem Calculator to figure out exactly how much to spend on each tier of gem.

Gem Tiers

There are 13 gem tiers that break down into 5 visually distinct groups:

The lowest tier gems (all trash):

  • Tier 1: Chipped
  • Tier 2: Flawed
  • Tier 3: Normal
  • Tier 4: Flawless

Diamond gems (probably all still trash):

  • Tier 5: Perfect
  • Tier 6: Radiant

Square gems:

  • Tier 7: Square
  • Tier 8: Flawless Square
  • Tier 9: Perfect Square
  • Tier 10: Radiant Square

Star gems (these are very valuable):

  • Tier 11: Star
  • Tier 12: Flawless Star
  • Tier 13: Perfect Star
  • Tier 14: Radiant Star

Gem Types / Colors

There are only four colors or types of gems. Each has their own value to your character depending on your character’s class. The Ruby variety si the most valuable since it adds damage to weapons while the Amethyst is the least value at the time of this writing.

+ % Life (in helm)
+ Vitality
+ Life (in weapon)

+ % Extra Gold From Monsters (in helm)
+ Dexterity
+ Critical Damage Increased by 15%

Increases experienced rewarded per kill by % (in helm)
+ Strength
+ Damage (in weapon)

+ % Better Chance of Finding Magical Items (in helm)
+ Intelligence
Attacks take damage per hit (in weapon)

Leveling your Jeweler

If you want to Level your Jewler I have a guide just for that. Visit my Jeweler Leveling Guide to see how. Hint: It will cost you 140,000 gold, 20 Pages of Jewelcrafting, 20 Tomes of Jewelcrafting and 40 Tomes of Secrets.

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  1. what if i didnt get the jewel crafter from act 1 can i still find him?
    i need some help plz

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