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ALERT: Blizzard Cancels Diablo 3 Release

Early this morning Blizzard made a press release announcing that they will not be releasing Diablo 3 on May 15th. In this unprecedented, shocking and completely unexpected announcement, Blizzard cited staff drama among programmers, art directors and management alike along with systemic issues with the auction house and legal implications of their real-money auction house. […]

Cheating in Diablo 3

The topic of cheating has come up in many different circles around the Diablo 3 community. I’ve seen people talking about it at DiabloFans, IncGamers and just about every other major D3 forum. The question originates from the fear of Diablo 3 turning into another Diablo 2. In the old Diablo duping and cheating was […]

Beta Level Cap – Not Spoiling Diablo III

Blizzard has made very clear in the past, and once again on the forums here, that they have no plans or intention to raise the level cap in the Diablo 3 beta. “Nah. Thirteen will still be the level cap in Beta Patch 10, and we’ve no plans at this time to raise the cap […]