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Diablo 3 Final Preparation

Looking back at my days of playing and making gold in World of Warcraft there were a few very notable events that stick out in my mind. One that I remember was Patch 3.0.2. It was patch day, Tuesday, and I had saved up a bunch of herbs and I went straight to milling and […]

What Aspect of Diablo 3 Will You Use to Make Gold?

This question was posed by Markco at Diablo 3 Gold Guide but the answer isn’t something I can put my finger on just yet. There will be more strategies to make gold than we can write about coming in Diablo 3 but they will break down into 3 general categories. The Auction House / Market […]

Gambling in Diablo 3?

In Diablo 2 Blizzard implemented a system specifically to meet the needs of the gambler. They put an NPC in each town loaded with several normal quality items and after you purchase them you would be able to find out whether they were rare, unique or elite. After early bugs were taken care of, the […]