Artisan Crafting Materials

Artisan crafting materials are important, very important. Players need to amass thousands of these items by playing Diablo 3 for hours on end. Usually players do not collect all the materials they need on their own but instead trade with others to get what they need. This can be done with real money on the RMAH or through gold earned by trading items that they have earned. Long story short, crafting materials are the bread and butter of artisans and crafting.

Diablo 3 Crafting Materials

Types of Crafting Material

ALL crafting materials are acquired by salvaging existing armor and weapons. The quality of the weapon or armor piece will determine the quality of the salvaged good. It works like this:

Magic Weapons & Armor (blue quality) -> Essences

These essences include the Subtle Essence, Shimmering Essence, Wishful Essence and the Exquisite Essences found in Diablo 3.

Rare Weapons & Armor (yellow quality) -> The animal parts

I call these the animal parts (lacking a better name for now), they include the the Fallen Tooth, Lizard Eyes, Encrusted Hoofs and Iridescent Tears.

Legendary Weapons & Armor (orange quality) -> Bark, ash, coal and brimstone

These could be called the elemental components to crafting. They include the Petrified Bark, Corpse Ash, Volcanic Coal and Fiery Brimstone. These are mega valuable, the most sought after trade goods in Diablo 3.

Where to find them

It is very easy to know what to expect when salvaging gear. Based on the difficulty that you acquired the gear in:

Normal -> Subtle Essence, Fallen Tooth and Petrified Bark
Nightmare -> Shimmering Essence, Lizard Eyes and Corpse Ash
Hell -> Wishful Essence, Encrusted Hoofs and Volcanic Coal
Inferno -> Exquisite Essence, Iridescent Tears and Fiery Brimstone

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  1. I would add that blue items have a very small chance of giving you a Fallen Tooth in Normal difficulty.

    Pro Tip:
    Do not salvage ANYTHING, at least not in Normal difficulty, unless it yields more value than simply selling the item to a merchant. Subtle Essences and Fallen Tooth materials are selling for 20 gold and 24 gold respectively in the Auction House at the time of this posting. So, if an item can be sold for more than [Whatever you find is the current price of an Essence or Tooth] XXX gold to a merchant, sell it instead of salvaging it.

  2. Hi

    Where do you get the recipes for the artisans so they can make stuff. You know, the pieces of paper with symbols and writings on them??

  3. I have not been able to use the jeweler except for removing gems during ‘normal’. I’m in nightmare, it says it costs 10000.00 to train him and I have 1 page from a tome. Do I need 20 pages before I can train him at all even though I have enough gold to pay for training?

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