Gibbering Gemstone

Gibbering Gemstone Gibbering Gemstone
It seems to be active but it’s difficult to tell.

A Gibbering Gemstone is needed to craft a Staff of Herding which is used to unlock Whimyshire (the secret cow level of Diablo 3). Beyond, you will find rainbow colored ponies and other cute creations from Blizzard. The whole process requires you to collect 5 rare or expensive items, a rare recipe (the Plans: Staff of Herding) and then spend 50,000 gold to combine them. Once you have your staff you can unlock Whimshire whenever you want.

Where to Find Gibbering Gemstone

The Gibbering Gemstone is the hardest of the reagent to obtain, so I suggest you find it first instead of last. There are three parts to this, 1) find the cave of frost (or Icefall Caves). 2) find Chiltara and 3) kill and hope that Chiltara drops the Gibbering Gemstone.

Finding the Cavern of Frost / Icefall Cave

Create a game at Act III – Machines of War. Run through the gates and across the bridge until you’re in The Fields of Slaughter. Later you can use the way point to The Bridge of Korsikk to get closer. Check the following 6 known spawn locations of the cave:

Caverns of Frost

Finding Chiltara

Once you’re in the caves just run through, both levels, looking for Chiltara. It’s a purple rare and doesn’t necessarily share a spawn point with anything else. Search the entire cave, every time, until you find it. If you’re playing on a low difficulty watch carefully that you don’t 1-shot him and miss the fact that you could recreate the game. If you clear the entire cave them teleport, leave and resume to restart the game.

Gibbering Gemstone

It drops off Chiltara. If it doesn’t drop, you get to start over. Good luck!

Warning: This item can take a really really long time to find. Some of the other items require a similar amount of time.

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  1. From what I’ve heard, it only spawns in the Caverns of Frost and -not- the Icefall Cave. Or at least, that’s the rumor.

  2. Found it in Cavern of Frost – All the way at the end of lvl 2, by the teleport stone.

  3. Dammit, I got this on the first runthrough of the cave, then thought it was trash and got rid of it…

  4. I just found one! :)

  5. i have been going for 5 fucken hours so far and havent got it yet. this is a joke

  6. Found one in cave of frost after trying many ice caves :-)

  7. it drops from the second level of the frost cave, use portal, leave game, then continue quest, then look for the cave again, it took me 3 hours and 9 tries to get it, good luck.

  8. wow i found 2 already, glad i saved them

  9. Found it on my second time trip… level 2 frost cave… :mrgreen:

  10. i found it with my first class didnt know what it was so i kept it now im really happy :grin:

  11. I’m a level 51…played it on normal difficulty. Found Chiltara on level two of Caverns of the Frost. Got the gibbering gemstone on my 6th time resuming the game. Thanks

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    realy nice post

  13. I restarted the game about 45times with caverns of frost appearing ~15times & no stupid chiltara,so any idea guys other than just keep trying

  14. Is it true or is it something mystic?

  15. ran through a bunch of times ran through the ice fall caves once then the frost cave again and found her in the end of a dead end corridor after finding the exit stone and she dropped it every time i encountered her on normal difficulty with a level 60 player

  16. Found it on first try when i read this page

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