Liquid Rainbow

Liquid Rainbow Liquid Rainbow
The colors swirl and twist in hypnotic patterns.

Liquid Rainbow is a secret item hidden within the game for the sole purpose of crafting a Staff of Herding. The staff is then used to unlock the secret cow level in Diablo 3, which is actually called Whimyshire. It’s loaded full of rainbow colored ponies and what not. To craft a Staff of Herding you’ll need 5 difficult to find items. Liquid Rainbow is one of them. Since none of them can be traded, bought or sold you will need to find one of each for yourself along with the recipe and then craft your own staff.

Where to Find Liquid Rainbow

The vile of Liquid Rainbow is found in Act II on any difficulty. To find it create or join a game on the Blood and Sand quest of Act II. Use the way point to go straight to the Path to the Oasis. Head east and south along the edge of the map until you find a nook, travel into this nook and look for a merchant who will request assistance from the nearby mobs. Here is what this nook looks like:

Liquid Rainbow in Oasis

If the merchant is not there with a quest for you, leave the game and resume to start the process over. Remember, he doesn’t spawn all the time so you’re probably going to be doing this process over and over again. Here is what the merchant looks like:

Liquid Rainbow Merchant

He will unlock the door to the mysterious cave. Clear the inside of the cave looking for a mysterious chest. It will not always spawn and it will not always drop Liquid Rainbow. Of course, it only took me 2 tries but many people report that it took as many as 50 runs. Here is what the chest and the Liquid Rainbow look like:

Liquid Rainbow

Warning: These items are rather rare and difficult to find. Be sure to dedicate a large chunk of time to building your Staff of Herding and don’t be impatient when looking for individual items. It may work out that it takes you 10 hours or 10 minutes to find all the items you need. Good luck!

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  1. does difficulty play a factor in getting npc to spawn?

  2. Been running back and forth now for 2 hours on hell difficulty and have only seen the merchant twice and not seen the chest yet…sigh…

  3. Tried for like 20 minutes on hell. Didn’t get it even get merchant
    Tried 1 time on normal got merchant, chest, and liquid.

  4. Difficulty doesnt play a factor, its mostly more easier to grind it all on normal diff. So it shouldnt play a part in it

  5. I found the mysterious cave when going through Nightmare mode with my barb.It was the first time I went to the Oasis.And I found the liquid rainbow the first time I went through the cave.Guess I was lucky to find it so quick.I had no idea what it was for.But kept it anyway.Glad I did.

  6. I randomly found it and had no idea what it was. Looked it up and was like… Oh, alright. That was easy.

    Sorry. ;-)

  7. This probably took me 60+ runs with him spawning 3 times and the chest finally spawned on the 3rd time the merchant did good luck and stick with it!

  8. i found one on nitemare but what are the other items to get in order to build?

  9. got it first try

  10. got it firt try on hell

  11. Got it on 4 run normal

  12. been running it for 2 hours now have not even got the man to spawn to open the cave have been running it on all difficulties

  13. Had over 20 runs so far, 13 on normal, rest on hell.

  14. lol i randomly found it and had to google what it was for thats why im here ^^

  15. Be sure to check the whole cave… I reached the end of the 2nd level, where I found a gold chest, with no liquid rainbow, and then there was a teleport to the entrence. I decided to take a look everywhere in the cave just to make sure, and then somewhere else on the first level of the cave I found another gold chest that had the item.

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