Plans: Staff of Herding

Plans: Staff of Herding Plans: Staff of Herding
The Staff of Herding unlocks access to the Secret Whimyshire Level

The Staff of Herding a rare drop from the boss Izual in Act IV (any difficulty). You will probably need to kill Izual repeatedly before finding the plans. The plans is one of the rare items in the game that can not be bought or sold on the Auction House. This means that you’ll have to farm Izual until he drops it for you :(

To craft a staff of Herding you will need the following materials:

  1. Black Mushroom – Found in Level 1 of the Cathedral (Act I any difficulty)
  2. Leoric’s Shinbone – Found in Leoric’s Manor (Act I any difficulty)
  3. Liquid Rainbow – Found in the Southwestern area of the Dahlgur Oasis (Act II any difficulty)
  4. Writ’s Bell – Found at the vendor Squirt the Peddler in Caldeum Bazaar (Act II any difficulty)
  5. Gibbering Gemstone – Found in Caverns of Frost, drops off the rare mob Chiltara (Act III any difficulty)
  6. and 50,000 gold

Where to Find Plans: Staff of Herding

The best way to farm Izual is to join a new game on the Prime Evil quest of Act IV. There is no reason to do any difficult higher than Normal. Blow your way through the first few areas until you get to where Izual spawns (takes about 2-4 minutes each run). Beat Izual down and hope he drops the Plans. Once he’s dead you’ll have to leave the game and restart the quest since he would be dead if you resumed it. Good luck!

Farming Izual:

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  1. Don’t waste your time on Izual I got my nightmarish and Hellish plans from the the merchant in Act 4 next to the healer that sells ONLY potions, he sometimes sell the plans there. never had any luck with izual other than the regluar plans for the staff!

  2. @Kai — those require the lower level staff to craft, and the vendor does not sell the regular staff plans.

  3. @Brian – he sold them to me… I also had them drop off of Izual

  4. I got mine from the merchant that kai said, my first plans and all, worked perfectly, thx

  5. Did the runs,

    Mushroom 1 run
    Bone 1 run
    Rainbow 2 runs
    Gemstone 1 run
    Plan 1 run

    Is this just luck, 15 minutes and i have it…
    did it all in normal, so you can just walk straight to the point…

  6. i got nightmareish plans from that merchant but when you try and craft it you need the normal staff first so you have to have the plans drop off izual…

  7. Adolph Mathews

    the way the drops for the plans work are that you have to farm izual for the normal plans, then after you have killed izual in nightmare a certain act 3 merchant sells you the nightmare plans, then the same for hell and inferno.

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