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Making Gold with Chipped Gems

As promised, here is a tested and proven way to make gold right now in game. This gold will turn into real money when Blizzard gets their shit together and enables the RMAH. The markets are young and people don’t really know what’s going on. Here is how it works:

Using the Auction House – See The Market

Diablo 3 is obviously not live yet, so we can only look through the lenses of beta testers and speculate how we can make gold and real money once the thing goes live. Instead, we use our past experience of making gold in other games and try to imagine how it will fit into the […]

Realm Money vs. Gold Auction Houses… Which one to use?

There is a lot of misunderstanding about the RMAH (Realm Money Auction House) going around. It is my prediction that Diablo 3 will NOT be the ‘center’ of the Diablo 3 economy. It seems that the importance of the RMAH is being blown way out of proportion and someone needs to step in and help […]