Making Gold with Chipped Gems

As promised, here is a tested and proven way to make gold right now in game. This gold will turn into real money when Blizzard gets their shit together and enables the RMAH. The markets are young and people don’t really know what’s going on. Here is how it works:

Chipped Gems

There is topaz, ruby, amethyst and emerald. Search these in parts of 10 and watch the price increase carefully. If it’s 500 gold per unit you should see the “Total Price” step up 5,000 every time you increment by 10 in the quantity field. The first search will result in something less than 5,000 gold with a per unit price of 300-400 gold each. Next you’ll see it jump close to 9,000 gold with a per unit of 400-500 gold. It will then go to 15,000, 20,000+ and then eventually it will start incrementing by 10,000 gold. This is the zone or quantity you want to buy at (right before it goes up).

I’m basically buying 10-40 chipped gems every 20-30 minutes at 300-500 gold and reselling them at 600-800 gold. Current profit per flip is between 10,000 and 25,000 gold. This will work for flawed and every quality on the way up to radiant star as they become available.


Like I mentioned above, I’m noticing prices fluctuating between 300-900 gold per chipped. This is a huge range because people don’t know what the hell they are doing. They are undercutting way too much and between the time they check prices and post their auctions the prices are going up, creating huge gaps in the market that are difficult for casual players to see.

Go Fast

Make sure you move fast, these markets are all over the place. You might go to buy 50 chipped and end up with only 15 and a big refund. Good luck.

Important: Many of the strategies and tips I share here were originally inspired by the people at the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum. If you're serious about making the big bucks in Diablo 3, or just being the best players, you need to signup ASAP.

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