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Magic Find to Increase in Value?

Lately, Magic Find has been used on a swap-in basis. Most players do not have a DPS set with +Magic Find, instead they have their typical DPS gear along with their magic find gear in their inventory. Begin combat, do as much damage as possible and then right before the rare pack, elite or boss […]

Money Making Schemes in Diablo 3

Ahhhh! Get my gun! It’s a money making scheme! I recently read a discussion at DiabloFans and it sounded really familiar to a few I’ve seen elsewhere. The general attitude is that making real money or even talking about making real money in Diablo 3 is taboo. You’re a social misfit if you mention making […]

Diablo Magic Find Items

In Diablo 3 ‘farming’ is going to be a huge element in the economy. It’s going to be one of the main sources of items like Tomes of Training, salvaged materials, legendary, rare and magic items, gold and one of the only sources of experience for your character. Players will quickly dominate the content that […]