Magic Find to Increase in Value?

Lately, Magic Find has been used on a swap-in basis. Most players do not have a DPS set with +Magic Find, instead they have their typical DPS gear along with their magic find gear in their inventory. Begin combat, do as much damage as possible and then right before the rare pack, elite or boss dies swap on your Magic Find gear to increase the drops.

This is obviously not how Blizzard intended Magic Find to be used and of course we’re also not sure whether this works since it’s all speculation. It seems it does though, since Blizzard hasn’t stated otherwise. It’s also pretty inconvenience, having to swap in a dozen pieces of gear to boost MF during combat

This has a negative effect on the value of Magic Find and DPS gear; since players don’t think they need gear with both on it. Instead they just grab pure Magic Find for cheap off the auction house and throw it in their inventory. They just need to be strong enough to land the killing blow.

In response to this issue Vaeflare at Blizzard posted yesterday:

I wanted to jump in quickly to say that this is one of many topics we’ve been discussing with the developers recently, and that we have a juicy blog post coming up that will delve a bit more into some of the MF swapping solutions we’re considering.

So what’s the big deal? Blizzard is going to address this issue, likely with a fix. It could be anything from locking your Magic Find when you start combat to dropping your Nephalem Valor buff when you change your equipment. What’s the effect of this going to be? Players are going to actually have to get DPS and Magic Find gear to take advantage of Magic Find at all. This is going to shoot up the value of gear that has both stats. This could be a significant opportunity to make some gold or real money speculating a game change. Good luck!

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