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Barbarian Leveling Build / Leveling Guide

The Barbarian is hyped up as the most popular class going into Diablo 3. I don’t know how long that will last or if by the time you are reading this that this is still true. Either way the Barbarian is a solid class capable of farming, doing massive AoE damage, strong direct damage and […]

Barbarian Farming Build

The Barbarian brings the typical melee destruction, leaping into combat, cleaving, stomping, causing earthquakes and the likes. As you have seen in my other class farming builds, here is what I think promises to be a kickass way to farm with the Barbarian. The idea for this build is that it’s suitable for rapid completion […]

An Overview of Diablo 3 AoE Farming Skills Part 1

I was leveling up my Wizard in the Diablo 3 beta when at some point I shot a giant purple arcane orb at my enemies and it exploded, knocking them all to the ground. Having not read the tool tip for the skill before I through it on my action bar, I was pretty impressed […]