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Diablo 3 Expansion

It might seem early to talk about the inevitable Diablo 3 expansion, but many players have already solo’d to the end of Inferno and have long since either started another character or flew the coop. While I’m still working my way diligently through the game many people are asking “will there be a diablo 3 […]

How to Make 1 Trillion Gold in D3!

Yesterday I updated and shared the latest version of my gem calculator. It helps visualize and calculate how much gold goes into combining gems. It takes into account the new costs of each combination (which goes up each tier) as well as the estimated value of the new reagents (Pages and Tomes). What we learned […]

Impact of Patch 14 on Diablo Economy

I realize it’s still the beta, but I feel like it’s a good opportunity to take a look around and take note of what’s going on. Thursday Blizzard released patch 14. Among the changes included tweaks to the cost of vendor items, sell value of items, drop rate of gold, cost to craft at Blacksmith […]

Inferno Starter Gear

One of the big things we can take from our experience in Azeroth is that there are certain points in the game where the difficultly suddenly steps it up or new gear is available to your character. Back in 2005 when leveling was a big deal, Hunters and Warriors would suddenly be able to wear […]