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Diablo 3 Farming

In the beta with just 4 quests and around an hour of playtime we were able to find, test and master over a half dozen different ways to farm in Diablo 3. These methods give us more gold per hour and per minute than doing anything else in game, other than possibly playing the auction […]

Using your Stash – Cost to Upgrade

The Diablo 3 stash system is similar to an Artisan because you share it on all of your account’s characters. You throw items in there and they are accessible when you load up the auction house and in game from other players.  You also upgrade the stash through various levels to expand its capacity. This […]

Diablo 3 Market Tracker

If you’re like me and you’re a well seasoned WoW profiteer, with bank tabs full of Pyrite, Pristine Hides, extra gems and more gold than you know what to do with then you’re probably familiar with some of the popular market tracking tools for World of Warcraft. The first one that comes to mind was […]