Where to Find Fiery Brimstones

Fiery Brimstones, the legendary crafting material found from salvaging magic, rare and legendary inferno items, are the new hit seller on the auction house. Weeks ago they were selling for 50,000 gold but after patch 1.0.3 the price has started to increase steadily. Yesterday the price sat at 136k and today we’re looking at 180k. Will it go up again tomorrow? This might be the first large scale diablo bubble. Regardless when you read this post and what the prices are of Fiery Brimstones, here are some ways to “farm” Fiery Brimstone.

Salvaging Magic Items

The first thing that might come to mind is to buy a bunch of magic items and disenchant them. You can get magic items by searching on the auction house for level 60 and higher armor and weapons. At the time of writing this these are selling at about 2,300-3,000 gold each. When you salvage one of these you are guaranteed an Exquisite Essence, which will sell for 1800 gold, giving you 1,530 gold back towards the initial cost with a net cost of around 1,000 gold.

What’s the chance of getting a Fiery Brimstone from a magic item? Some people are reporting 0.1%, others as much as 1%. We won’t know unless Blizzard releases it or someone sits around and salvages a hundred thousand of them and calculates the salvage rate. Regardless of the actual rate, if you buy magic items and salvage them you’ll be spending 1,000 gold for a tiny chance of making 180,000 gold (and maybe more in the next few days).

Salvaging Legendary Items

When you salvage a legendary item you are guaranteed a Fiery Brimstone. The price of these are going to sit right at the price of Fiery Brimstone, because there are enough people who realize that they are the same thing. The trick is to bid on these late at night, I purchased several over the last few days between 50,000 and 110,000 gold. Keep in mind that the resulting Fiery Brimstone will only net you 153,000 gold if you post them for 180,000 gold; after auction house fees.

Day Trader

Prices shot up over the weekend but continue throughout the week. It’s hard to be a day trader with a 15% auction house cut, but it’s possible that the price of Fiery Brimstone will climb well over 200,000 gold over the next few days and launch even higher as patch 1.10 approaches.

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  1. I dont see 180K for FB or higher on AH. Right now June 29 its 90 – 120k

    I have salvaged over 1000 rare’s level 60-63 and my wife around 800, making it aprox 2000 and not a single FB dropped, resulting in a drop rate so increddible low you basically can forget about it.

    The Legendary has to be lvl 60-63 as I read FB dont drop from anything lower.

  2. this makes me mad i got a fiery brimstone a while back from a rare and i sold it for 17k now its going for 180k ><

  3. “When you salvage a legendary item you are guaranteed a Fiery Brimstone.”

    This is NOT entirely true! Just salvaged a legendary item while in Nightmare and just got 3 Lizard eyes;p

    Is it even possible to get fiery brimstones while playing in other difficulties than nightmare?

  4. Brought danetta’s revenge for $35k. Legendary level 63. Salvaged it and got fiery brimstone. Easy.

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