Whimsyshire How To

How do you get to the secret Whimsyshire level in Diablo 3? Easy, collect 5 rare materials and a rare pattern, combine them, and you’re in! It’s that simple. But really… this isn’t for the faint of heart. Make sure you cancel your dinner plans tonight and call off movie night with your significant other.

Plans: Staff of Herding

To unlock Whimsyshire you’ll need a Staff of Herding. Easy enough, right? In order to craft one you will need to find the plans that drop off of Izual in Act IV. Fortunately you can kill him on any difficulty so you can blow through from the final quest of the game until you find him, dispatch him and hope he drops the plans. If he doesn’t, repeat the process!

Gibbering Gemstone

Next you will need to collect 5 materials so that you can craft the thing. I recommend you try to find the Gibbering Gemstone first, which is the hardest the find. Get that one out of the way. To find it you should read the details by clicking: Gibbering Gemstone. The gist of it is that you’ll have to search The Fields of Slaughter in Act III until you find a Cavern of Frost. Then you’ll look for Chiltara, who may or may not spawn. Then you need to pray that he drops the Gibbering Gemstone. This can take a hell of a long time if you have bad luck.

Caverns of Frost

Black Mushroom

Find your Black Mushroom within the first level of the Cathedral (Act I) on any difficulty. You will find a small group of mushrooms in a square room somewhere in the first level. This can take a long time to find as well but at least the area you’re searching is relatively small.

Black Mushroom Screen Shot

Leoric’s Shinbone

You’ll find Leoric’s Shinbone in Leoric’s Fireplace within Leoric’s Mannor… If the fireplace is empty you can leave the game and start over. This piece is also found on any difficulty in Act I.

Leoric's Fireplace - Leoric's Shinbone

Liquid Rainbow

The Liquid Rainbow is probably the second hardest one to find since it depends on a randomly spawning NPC in the Oasis. You can take the Path to Oasis way point in Act II and follow the southern boundary until you find a nook. You’ll find more details in the link above. Once you find the NPC, save him and enter the Mysterious Cavern. Within you may or may not find a Mysterious Chest which may or may not have a Liquid Rainbow with in :\.

Liquid Rainbow

Writ’s Bell

Finally! You’ve found all the rare pieces now all you have to do is visit Squirt the Peddler in Caldeum Bazaar and pay her 100,000 gold for Writ’s Bell. You’ll find her in the Bazzaar here:

Squirt the Peddler

Once you have these 5 pieces head to your Blacksmith along with 50,000 more gold and have your Staff of Herding crafted.

Entering Whimsyshire

To actually enter Whimsyshire, take the staff to Act I and the way point to Old Tristam. Head left and south until you meet a ghost (who comes out of an old cow skeleton). The rest is history. Good luck and have fun!

Nightmare, Hell and Inferno Whimsyshire

In order to get into the other difficulties you’ll need to visit the Merchant next to the Healer in Bastion Keep (upper right I believe). He will sell you the recipe based on which difficulty you are in at the time. It will only cost you 1 gold but it will cost a lot to actually craft the staff. Here are the costs for each staff:

  • Normal – 50,000 gold
  • Nightmare – 200,000 gold
  • Hell – 500,000 gold
  • Inferno – 1,000,000 gold

Good luck! If you’ve entered the higher level Whimsyshires please post comments below!

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  1. FYI, the Gemstone is in Act III not IV.

  2. any idea if we can farm the items, or if we can craft more than one staff? I think these will be worth a fortune when RMAH goes live. Sadly, even at a $1 per 1000 gold rate you lose money on trying to sell anything other than the normal version as the RMAH limit is $250 per item (Inferno version would be over $1000 based on the above rate)

  3. Awesome post and exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

  4. @Roger: I was making an example. As the RMAH is not live, there is no way to know what the conversion rate will be.

  5. what does the epic look like

  6. @Joe it looks like a kids drawing with happy face clouds, rainbows and there’s green little frogs.

  7. The staff is reuseable. You make it once and upgrade it to get the higher difficulties. You can re-enter the level as many times as you want it doesn’t destroy the staff.

  8. The Gibbering Gemstone is in The Fields of Slaughter in Act III not in The Battlefields. After several days of searching The Battlefields, I found an article that suggested The Fields of Slaughter. I found the Cave of Frost both times I restarted, and I found the Chiltara spawn the second time.

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