Best Class in Diablo 3

Now that Diablo 3 has been live for about 12 hours we have a better idea of how the classes break down past level 20. Even though the servers have only stayed up about 8-9 hours most semi-hardcore players are sitting at level 20-25 and they might even begin to reroll. If you haven’t picked your class yet you might enjoy these considerations:


Normal difficulty gives us a really good taste of how the game is going to challenge us. The first class I had was a Demon Hunter and I think it’s definitely one of the hardest class for new players to play. The reason being you have to pay attention a little more than if you’re playing a Barbarian or Monk. Both the Barbarian and Monk give you a much larger hit buffer which allows you to take more damage and gives you more time to get out of harm’s way. The Demon Hunter, and Wizard, both have some evasion abilities early on which will save you; but you have to learn to use them.


It’s extremely difficult to say which class has the most power, which has the most dps or which is the best class for killing things. The Barbarian has abilities like Cleave early on that do AoE while the Demon Hunter doesn’t have strong AoE abilities until, perhaps, fan of knives and/or strafe. The Witch Doctors pets help a lot since they attract a little bit of attention from mobs and finish the weak ones off.

Top 5 Classes for Noobs

From this, I’d break down the classes this way if I were recommending them to a new player (easiest to hardest):

  1. Barbarian
  2. Monk
  3. Witch Doctor
  4. Demon Hunter
  5. Wizard

I’m sure you have your own comments and criticism of this list, so let’s hear them!

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  1. I agree that Monk & Barb are easy to learn, but melee classes have to be much more careful in D3 (as far as I’ve seen). I don’t think I agree with the order b/c of that.

  2. Ye I agree with the ranking.

    Barbarian and Monk no brainer.

    Witch doctor easy to farm and take down anything.

    Although I would of said maybe DH and wizzards are as equally hard to play due to all the variations of the spells getting the right combination versus certain bosses or mass mobs can get quite tricky.

    DH as far as I have played has a bit more “easy” escape mechanisms.

  3. i have barbarian lv 57 right now, barbarian is very easy until nightmare, i soloed everything. But once u get into hell mode, it’s very hard to beat 3-blue monsters which is like hard as yellow monsters as melee class. and mages when we have a mob. so what i am trying to say is until nightmare, melee easy, but after like lv55, MAGE is the BEST because of ice skill which is has very large area that slows enemies and also powerful class. But it’s fking hard to make mage from lv40~55. Same for demon hunter, after lv55 demon hunter rock!

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