Bosses by Level

Blizzard setup the leveling so that you would complete the first three difficulties within the same amount of time that it takes you to reach level 60. The first 31 levels are designed to be spent working your way through Normal difficulty, where you familiarize yourself with bosses and just about every active ability your class has to offer. Levels 31 to 50 you will spend in Nightmare revisiting Act I through IV. Finally the last 19 levels are spent struggling (hopefully) through Hell difficulty. Here are how the levels break down by each boss:

Levels Boss
8 Skeleton King
13 The Butcher
25 Nightmare Level Requirement
28 Belial
30 Azmodan
31 Izual
31 Diablo
37 The Butcher – Nightmare
42 Belial – Nightmare
45 Ghom – Nightmare
46 Siegebreaker Assault Beast – Nightmare
48 Azmodan – Nightmare
49 Rakanoth – Nightmare
50 Hell Level Requirement
50 Izual – Nightmare
50 Diablo – Nightmare
53 The Butcher – Hell
56 Belial – Hell
58 Azmodan – Hell
58 Rakanoth – Hell
59 Izual – Hell
60 Diablo – Hell

These levels are based on what you should be by the time you reach the bosses. If you don’t use a leveling gem (ruby in a helmet) and go as quickly as possible through everything you might find yourself a few levels behind. You might even find yourself beating Diablo on Nightmare at level 47 or so. If this happens it means you will have to go back and farm Nightmare until you’re level 50, you might as well take your time reaching Diablo so that this doesn’t happen.

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