Demon Hunter Build – Patch 2.0.1 – FROSTFUL


Hey what’s up friends, Rwenful here, back again with more tips on how to squeeze every last bit of DPS from your beautiful Demon Hunter killing machine, so sit back, grab the popcorn, and get ready to turn it up to 11!

Patch 2.0 introduced a lot of new changes to the game, and when things change, you have to adapt to continue to play awesome.  The major change that is affecting all characters now is the change to Life Steal:

Life Steal is less effective when you are higher level:

  • At 60, Life Steal gains a 0.1x multiplier – meaning it’s junk.
  • At 70, Life Steal no longer functions – meaning…yeah, you get it.

So, gone are the easy days of face-tanking unlimited mobs and loling at how easy the game is.  Life On Hit is the new #doge #suchwow.  Start looking for Life On Hit gear, it scales with Attack Speed, which is one of our core stats.

Second, all classes received a major rework on their skills, and the Demon Hunter was no exception.  If you scan the 2.0.1 patch notes, you’ll see that we got mostly damage increases and Resource cost reductions.  W00t!  Except there were a few nerfs in there too:

Spike Trap

  • Increased arming duration from 1.2 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Lowered trap damage from 275% to 180% weapon damage
  • The trap now has a 2 second re-arming time and can explode up to 3 times

OK, so that last point seem kinda cool, but honestly, why increase our damage on everything and then reduce it on this?  Because it was too good in 1.0.8.  While they may explode 3 times now, what’s the likelihood that you’re going to kite enemies over them 3 times with 2 seconds in between?  Lame IMO.

So now with all these new skills, a lot things look good, but we have to consider one more thing: with all these buffs to our damage, did you really thing they were going to leave the difficulty of the levels alone? LOL NO.  Torment is the new Inferno, and has a ranges 1-6.  Torment 1-2 was quite easy, something like mp4-5 let’s say. Torment 3-4 was ok something like mp9-10. When I switched to Torment 5, it felt like mp11…and then boom…when I gave a try to Torment 6 was like mp20!

Since the end game content is noticeably harder, we MUST MAXIMIZE OUR DPS!!!

The 2.0.1 Frostful Build

This build is designed for Torment  farming, but it’s extremely viable at any level, and synergies well with a party.  Your slows and damage buff will get you #muchamaze from your team.

Here’s my recommended build for all of your Patch 2.0.1 mayhem:!Yec!bZcYZb


Play Style Explained

“Oh wow, really? Frost Arrow? Laterzz…”  Hold up chief, I’m about to get in the zone.  I mentioned above that with all the changes in Patch 2.0.1 we need maximum DPS to farm in Torment, and this is best the way to do it.

Check it out, you roll up on a pack of mobs, engage and here’s what you get:

  • 1  Frost Arrow hitting 11 mobs, doing 330% weapon damage to each, and slowing them for 1 second (yes, slows work in Torment!).
  • 20% damage to the target you Marked for Death, and 15% of damage done divided to mobs within 20 yards.
  • 20% damage for Steady Aim, cause you’re not face tanking.
  • 20% damage for Cull the Weak, cause with Frost Arrow, everything is slowed.
  • Oh, you just Vaulted with Trail of Cinders? Add 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds.
  • Extra damage from Archery.
  • GG.

You just buffed yourself to put 60+% extra damage on the Marked target, and 40+% to all mobs within 20 yards.  And we haven’t even started to talk about gearing for Elemental Damage increases!!!  I hope you can see how this build has limitless potential.

This is a return to being a true Demon Hunter, staying in the shadows, striking from a far, kiting mobs cause now your slows work in end game.  THIS IS FROSTFUL!

Build Overview

Primary – Evasive Fire with Covering Fire

  • Survival is paramount. Just read any of my other guides and you’ll know I’m a huge fan of this skill, especially now with it’s rework.  No discipline cost on the back flip, higher than most damage, and 3 hits for 1 shot = #rekt.
  • Good damage output and great hatred regen. At 160% weapon damage and 4 hatred regen per shot, this is the most efficient, non runed, damage per hatred regen skill we have.
  • Conical hit box of Covering Fire. Covering Fire fires out in about a 45 degree area, allowing you to quickly kill waves of mobs and clear environmental objects.
  • No missile travel time. Shots of Evasive Fire hit their target immediately unlike any of the other ranged hatred regen skills (Entangling Shot, Bola Shot, Piercing Arrow) . This allows you to easily hit fast moving mobs that sometimes dodge your attacks, like the insects in Act 2.

Secondary – Elemental Arrow with Frost Arrow

  • Your AOE deliciousness.  Elemental Arrow was strong in 1.0.8, with many people using Ball Lightning since it was OP.  In 2.0.1, Frost Arrow is the new Ball Lightning!  Shoot a frost arrow that hits an enemy for 330% weapon damage as Cold then splits into up to 10 additional frost arrows. Enemies hit have their movement speed slowed by 60% for 1 seconds.  This skill is bananas! B A N A N A S!
  • Conical AOE Damage.  After hitting the first target, the arrow splits into 10 additional Frost Arrows, hitting adjacent targets in a wide arc, and slowing them.  1 for 10 for only 10 hatred seems like a pretty good deal.  Actually, it’s OP.
  • Slows actually work now!  In Patch 1.0.x, monsters in Inferno lol’d at slows, they just didn’t work.  Thankfully, this has changed, and you can actually kite stuff, even elites.

Action Bar Skills

Hunting – Vault with Tail of Cinders

  • DPS Increase.  300% over 3 seconds doesn’t seem like much, until you realize that you can stack trails, and then add that damage to Shuriken Cloud and Strafe.
  • Mobility.  I’ve always been a big fan of vault, and it’s probably no surprise to you guys that it’s in my build.  It definitely comes in handy for getting out of clutch situations.

Defense – Shadow Power with Gloom

  • Hello Life on Hit.  Shadow Power got reworked since Life Steal is gone, but hey, 1651 Life On Hit for 5 seconds?  Doesn’t sound too awesome until you factor in that you’re using Frost Arrow, and each hit is hitting up to 10 other enemies.  Basically, you will instant heal on any pack of mobs.
  • Tank This.  15% damage reduction may not seem like much, but it’s enough to allow you face tank most elites for those few key seconds you need to heal up and GTFO.

Hunting – Preparation with Punishment

  • Spam Arrow.  In a good position to drop Frost Arrows? Perfect, use this and keep the DPS going!
  • Wait..Don’t you want this for Discipline? With this build, the only other things you’ll use Discipline for are Vault and Marked for Death, both low cost, so you normally don’t need to worry about Discipline.

HuntingMarked for Death with Grim Reaper

  • Maximize that AOE.  20% increased damage to the main target, and 15% of damage dealt to the marked enemy divided evenly to all enemies within 20 yards.  Basically, this is a DPS steroid.


Steady Aim

  • Be far away.  All damage is increased 20% when nothing is within 10 yards of you, so GTFO and snipe for days!


  • MOAR DAMAGE.  No matter what you’re using, this talent increases your DPS, which is paramount in Torment.

Cull the Weak

  • Again…MOAR DAMAGE!!!  Hey, I can has extra 20% damage?  #muchamaze!  The synergy from this and Frost Arrow is just too good to pass up.


So I’m not sure if these profile links still update, but here it is:  Check it out, you can see what I’m rocking.  I have what I consider to be OK gear.

Some of my previous guides were able to leverage specific types of gear to significantly improve their performance.  With Frostful, I don’t think that’s the case, but there’s definitely one thing you want to check out:

  • Increases Elemental Arrow Damage stats on gear.  This just makes sense when using a build built around Elemental Arrow.  Every little bit adds to the pool, and you’ll see your on target DPS skyrocket!
  • The usual stats.  Dexterity, Critical Strike Chance, Critical Strike Damage, Attack Speed, Vitality.  You want these, obviously, and in that order.  Dexterity is always good.
  • The nice to haves.  Movement Speed, Life On Hit, Resists, Magic Find, Experience Bonus, and Pickup Range are always helpful, but not required to pwn.

Well, I think that’s it.  This seems lengthy for a farming build, but I hope you give the Frostful build for you guys.  Finally, I know we’re all in strung out shape but stay frosty and alert. We can’t afford to let one of those bastards in here!

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  1. Pretty close to what I built, however I chose Entangling Shot with Heavy Burden because it is cold damage. Also removed the dust from my Cold dmg SoJ, and most importantly… CRAFTED BRACERS as they can roll 15% increased cold damage! :shock:

  2. so at what torment are you running this build effectively?

  3. Trying and liking it a lot. I only disagree with the Grim Reaper rune on Marked. If I understand the tooltip, it’s pretty much useless. If you hit the marked target for 500k and there are 10 other mobs around, they each get hit for only 7500 damage? Personally I use the rune Contagion, mark and kill a weak target and spread the love.

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