Demon Hunter Inferno Build (Patch 1.0.4) – Cydaea Guide


Hi Friends! It’s been a while since I’ve had any updates for you guys, but now that 1.0.4 has dropped, I’m in the process of revamping my Inferno guide. The good news is that the build I’m playing with now is pretty close to the current build.

I’m going to go into super boring detail in another post, but I wanted to share this preview and let all of you know that CYDAEA IS KILLABLE AGAIN! Cydaea was significantly buffed in 1.0.3, but due to some recent buffs she’s now very killable.

The Build

Patch 1.0.4 Solo Inferno build preview –!ZTY!bZccZb

I haven’t finalized this build yet, but it’s basically the same as my 1.0.3 build with 2 modifications:

  • Vault with Trail of Cinders – 1500% weapon damage over 1.5 seconds.   This. Is. O. P.
  • Impale with Chemical Burn – Impale was buffed from 250% to 265% weapon damage, and Chemical Burn was buffed form 125% to 220% weapon damage over 2 seconds.

The Fight

Cydaea consits of 2 phases:

Phase 1: Main Phase

  • In this phase, which she starts out in, Cydaea runs around the room and has 3 abilities.
  • Venom Spray – She shoots bolts of poison in a 30 degree arc aimed at the player.  This does little damage, and you can tank it or Smoke Screen it.
  • Web Shot – this is a snare that affects the character for about 2-3 seconds.  We can counter this with Smoke Screen or Vault.
  • Spawn Adds – she spawns a pool that produces 4 small spider adds, each with approximately 80k health.  Try to position yourself to hit Cydaea and the adds when you’re DPSing.  Use Spike Traps to clear them, and don’t get too close, they hurt!  At ~37k health with about 200 resist all, I can survive about 1 hit from an add.

Phase 2: Add Phase

  • Cydaea goes into the ceiling and begins to spawn pools of adds similar to phase 1.  The pools are normally close to where your character is, so it’s important to keep kiting.  She spawns about 6 pools for a total of 24 adds.

This fight was a DPS check, as the challenge was how to manage the adds and still DPS Cydaea after the first Phase 2.  Fortunately, we don’t need to worry about this now as you should be able to kill her in the initial Phase 1!

When the fight begins, drop Spike Traps and dump all of your hatred in Impales on her.  She’ll run around for a bit until stopping to start casting her Venom Spray.  When she does, VAULT over her! The damage from Trail of Cinders will melt her face!  In the video above, I take her out in about 30 seconds and it’s not a very clean kill.  I’m sure I could do it faster, but I wanted to show you guys just how easy it is with less than perfect play.

The great thing about this is that my gear is pretty average.  I’m using a 1k 2 Hand bow, have about 2k Agility, and my DPS is ~90k with SS and about ~40k without.  Even with lower stats, you should be able to kill her using Trail.  Give it a try and let me know!

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  1. I ran to try the trail of cinders… but it:
    - Kills me when running from reflecting damage elites
    - Kills the elites while I back off to swap to mf gear

    Not worth it :/

    • 1. Use it carefully with reflect mobs, or cover it with Smoke Screen.
      2. Again, use it carefully if you’re gear swapping. Swap earlier.

  2. Wow, I was having lots of trouble with this fight. Tried your spec and just destroyed her on the first try! Thank you very much!

  3. Well, I miss the overpenetration when fighting mobs, buuuuuut you can’t deny the difference that Chemical Burn makes, especially with bosses of course. :D

    I was having the same problem as above with the Reflect Damage elites, but I’ve adapted. :D

    Nice update!

  4. Your build helps me a lot! Big 10x

  5. Do you think All Resist is important? i saw you had about 200? would that be enough! awesome guide by the way! please make more :)

    • Yes, you want to look for this on your boots, belt, and shoulders. However, don’t sacrifice Dex on these items, and get ready, items with good Dex, Vit, and All Res are very pricey!

  6. by the way, any tips on ghom? i cant escape his gas attacks. i die after about 3 seconds in his clouds. thanks again!

    • I’ll try to put together a guide and grab a kill video.

    • john, i just killed ghom with this exact build ^. you need all res at about 400 or more, and 25-30k hp. make sure you use preparation with battle scars as a healer and restorer of discipline, it makes the battle a lot easier if you time them. dont waste hatred using spike traps unless you can aim them all perfectly. spam impale with chemical burn and he will go down. some people switch out impale with cluster, but if you want your x5 neph, stick with impale until the battle and through it.

  7. Great guide, I have been following your builds for a while and they are exceptional.
    How are you dealing with kiting large groups? Overpen was key there and without it…
    Will we getting some regular gameplay vids with you kiting elites or should the 1.0.3 vids still be viable for that?
    Again thanks for putting in the time!

    • Also since I’m tossing Q’s your way, I am struggling big time with the snake people in act 2 (that’s where I am at). They can pop out of invisy and just one shot me. I have 228 resist all, 3586 armor, 20716 health (yes I know its low). If i can get a few shots in first I can kill them easily. It’s just really hard to do that sometimes. Advice?

  8. hi, any tips on how to handle mobs with reflect damage? they get me everytime. aside from potions and prepation, i dont have any other methods of healing. help please! thanks!

  9. hey, i need your advice. Have you ever tried switching smoke screen with shadow power with gloom? what would you think would be the best option? love your guides! helps a lot dude!

  10. rwen, thank you for the great build you changed my play style! I’m using your build with Impale + Chemical burn. I think that Spike traps and Vault have enough AoE (at least until 1.0.5), moreover Covering Fire is multimob. So, Overpenetration is a duplicate multimob skill. Chemical burn helps me a lot on bosses or in case I need to focus my DPS (e.g. single elites in follow mode, almost died enemy when I’m in a corner and out of discipline, etc…). By the way patch 1.0.4 also improved Rapid fire and Bombardment. What do you think about them? Let me make a comparison:

    cost = 25 hatred per shot
    damage = 265%
    rune damage = 220% / 2 secs

    * rune acts when you use other skills
    * focus a lot of damage on a single mob
    * single mob hit
    * easy to miss fast targets (due to knife travelling time)

    cost = 20 hatred + n * 10 hatred (n is the channelling time)
    skill damage = 276%
    rune damage = 345% AoE 4 yard

    * while bombs fly you can use other skills
    * focus a lot of damage on a small area
    * flying time is a bit higher than Impale knife travelling time
    * easy to miss fast targets (due to bomb flying time)

    As you can see they seem to be comparable, but I didn’t test Bombardment yet. I expect that Bombardment will miss more targets than Chemical burn. Do you think that the higher miss rate will balanced by AoE effect and better DPS?

    I’m considering a kiting scenario where I shot a bomb then move, and so on… (I just replaced knives with bombs)

    • I tired Bombardment and I think Chemical Burn is better than it. A lot of damage focused in one shot let me quickly kill dangerous targets e.g. I love chemical burn to kill ASAP ranged enemies, so I can reduce the incoming damage (i.e. considering low resistences, I avoid a lot of one-shot kills).

      For that:
      - Vault + smoke screen => run far away from melee
      - Chemical burn + Spiked traps => kill ranged ASAP!

  11. What is the best follower for the DH and your build ?

  12. Hey man, found your build, am enjoying myself immensely since then. Hulking phase beasts are no longer the bain of my existence! Since I’ve started using this build however, I’ve noticed myself using trail of cinders infrequently. Evasive fire + tactical advantage means I never need to vault away from guys for survival. Another note, I found myself wanting to use Impale much more frequently than the hatred pool would allow. To tweak the build to my play style, I’ve swapped out trail of cinders for the Bat companion. Seems to work pretty well. Thanks for the post!

  13. Hey, tried your build on my DH once 1.0.4 hit and I love it! I just had one question though – I use a 2-handed crossbow, so I swapped out Steady Aim for Archery. Do you feel like +50% crit damage is a good trade-off for +20% damage when enemies are 10 meters away or further? I solo a lot of the time so I feel like I don’t get that bonus as often as I would when I group up.

  14. Does Chemical Burns stack? Do you need to wait 2 seconds before impaling again?

  15. here is my shit in my own words lol what i think and use

    cluster for me has been the savior

    with 360 critic and 35 chance with 560 physic and 400 all the rest and 5000 armor nothing stoping u i farm act 3 eazyy i start strugelling a litte bit on act 4 but still eazy

    every cluster shot gives me 260000 dmg and when it splits to small bombs plus 60000 to all its amazing

    impale for me worked act 1 and 2 and a little bit act 3 but when u get to act 4 i dont thing that shit is going to help you when 100 mobs chassing you thats to expensive to use for single target buttt its good for bosses like diablo thats my opinion

    Evasive fire with 3 split shot give me good cover when need it with chest armor 12% damage to Evasive fire critics to 80000-140000

    smoke screen if blizzard do one more bad change to this im quiting diablo coz if DH’s dont use this i dont get it no comment on that

    24% running speed at the moment from boots and braceles 12% each trying to get chest armor with that 12% to to make it 36% thats takes out every rune that give you speed when i play with 4 players i feel like running the olympics lol

    i found most of the shit but not gonna lie spended around 20 mill on market but for 20 mill what i got ppl spended 200mil and still nowere near this

    when i critic this match i have 2x 1 hand bow one which has only 3.00% damage as life and the other one 768 per hit i cant even tell which mobs do reflect damage i only can tel by numbers on top of my head blood dont move

    peperation is the brother of smoke screen these 2 together give me 7 time smoke screen which by this time there is nothing around only me and items to collect

    this mobs motherfucker like they know what power is they used to owne me untill i made this, now is like they running from me pussys

    ill be honest act 4 i finished it with no deaths but then there been times i died 2-3 times act 3 hardly die only when you do a big fuck up and most of it is on bosses..

  16. OMFG! I dont care what anyone says this is by far the best build for survival i have ever used. I have been playing my dh for a long time now and this is just genius. The only probs i ever have are with dmg reflect GAWD i hate those dang things! other then that nothin ever gets close enough and lives lol. TY again for the help.

  17. by the way some people might argue with this but i didnt see a weapon pref but my suggestion would be a one hander crossbow with a really good quiver. I do more dps and WAY faster this way then i ever did with a 2 hander. It does have to do with this spec though as well because the speed of it makes this build shine. Other builds by all means use a 2 hand.

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