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I’ve had a lot of requests for Boss Fight guides, and Belial is the first installment in the set. As you know, Belial is the end boss of Act II and one of the bosses you can die on easily if you don’t understand the mechanics behind the fight. Once you reach him in Inferno, you are going to have to dig deep to beat him with your Demon Hunter. Here is how do you kill Belial on Inferno with a Demon Hunter.

The Build

Patch 1.0.3 Solo Inferno build –!YTa!bbbcZb

I”m using the 1.0.3 build described here, with one small exception, I’m using the wrong Preparation rune. /sadface. I was testing Backup Plan, forgot to switch it out, and didn’t want to lose my NV 5 stack on the chance something epic may drop (but it didn’t). As you can see in the video, I didn’t need to prep that often and when I did, it didn’t trigger Backup Plan (as usual lol). So, sorry for party rockin ^_^

The Fight

Belial consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Ads

  • About 20 Veiled Sentinels spawn, starting with a group of 4.
  • Try to stay on the bottom part of the map.  The ads can spawn anywhere, and it’s possible for them to spawn out of sight.  If this happens, they won’t directly attack you and you can clean them up later.
  • Between Spike Traps, Impale, and Evasive Fire, you should be fine.  If you get stuck in a corner, try not to use Evasive Fire or you’ll quickly deplete your Discipline.  Remember to use Vault and Smoke Screen to stay out of melee range.
  • DON’T EXIT THE CINEMATIC between the phase changes!  This gives you time to replenish your Hatred, Discipline, and recharge your Sharpshooter!

Phase 2: Belial Humanoid Form

  • In this phase, Belial will attempt to melee you or cast his ranged fireballs.
  • If you stay close to him, he won’t fly across the screen and you can kite him easier into your Spike Traps.
  • There used to be a pathing bug with him, but that’s been fixed.
  • If you’re using the Templar, try to position yourself directly behind him when Belial casts his fireballs.  If done properly, your Templar will soak one of the fireballs and you will be free to DPS.
  • Ads spawn after his first use of fireballs, so do as much DPS as possible in the beginning of the fight.  Aim to have him to 50% health when the ads start to spawn.
  • Again, try to stay on the bottom part of the map so you can ignore the ads that spawn at the top.
  • Vault and Smoke Screen are key here.
  • This phase ends once Belial’s health reaches 10-15%.

Phase 3: Belial Demon Form

  • Start the phase in the far bottom right corner.
  • First, he will do his Arm Smash attack.  A green pool will form where he’s going to strike, but this attack has a very big hit box, so make sure to move as soon as the pool appears.  Just stay on the bottom of the screen, Vault left, then run back to the far right corner.  Being in this corner will allow you never to be hit by his left arm smash.
  • After a few arm smash attacks, he will do his Acid Breath AOE.  Just DPS and use Smoke Screen when the breath is about half way to you.  That will ensure you don’t get hit by it.
  • Finally, he will do his Acid Pools AOE.  Pools will spawn on the floor and then explode for AOE damage in about 2 seconds.  Stop DPS here and focus on avoiding the pools.  You can use Smoke Screen to avoid the AOE damage, and the run speed increase from Tactical Advantage really helps out.
  • He repeats those 3 abilities until you kill him.

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  1. Nice kill and nice build buddy :p

  2. hmh, belial is the easiest boss in the game, at least for dh. dont know why anyone would need a guide on that… >__>

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