Leveling Your Artisans (Recent Changes)

One recent change has gone mostly unnoticed. That is, there are no more Page of Training and Tome of Training showing up in Diablo 3. If you’ve glossed over the Blacksmith and Jewelcrafting leveling guides in the past you’ll have seen that each profession required over a hundred or so Tomes of Training, each of which require 5 Pages of Training. Together, hundreds of pages were needed and to be honest they didn’t drop all that often in the beta. Each level of training also required a handful of crafting material. More rare materials were needed as you progressed your blacksmith and eventually you had to fork out dozens of rare crafting materials.

So what’s new? In order to train your Blacksmith you will now need to spend 115,00 gold (nothing to laugh at) and 130 Pages of Blacksmithing. You no longer need any essences, animal parts or elemental crafting material to level your artisans, but you do need a lot more gold.

As for Jewelcrafting (or as Blizzard is calling it: Jewel Crafting) you no longer need the Tomes of Training but instead you need 30 Pages of Jewel Crafting and 46,000 gold to reach exalted.

We really have no idea where these pages of blacksmithing and jewel crafting are going to come from or how valuable they will be because they currently don’t drop in the beta. These items will sell like hot cakes once millions of players swarm the depths of hell and fix to level their artisans. If you decide not to level your artisans, make sure you sell these pages as soon as possible to get top dollar before they quickly over saturate the market and become practically worthless.

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