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How to: Secret Cow Level in Diablo 3

If I had a penny for every e-mail, instant message and text message with people asking me: “how do I get to the secret cow level” I’d be… well I wouldn’t be rich, but I’d have some pennies. In Diablo 2 the cow level was used by some players to gather gems and to just […]

The New Magic Find and Gold Find

This is probably old news for most of my readers, but late last week blues confirmed that +Magic Find, +Gold Find and +Experience are being split across your entire group. This is a pretty notable change so I let it bounce around my head for the weekend before I commented on it. At first I […]

Leveling Your Artisans (Recent Changes)

One recent change has gone mostly unnoticed. That is, there are no more Page of Training and Tome of Training showing up in Diablo 3. If you’ve glossed over the Blacksmith and Jewelcrafting leveling guides in the past you’ll have seen that each profession required over a hundred or so Tomes of Training, each of […]