Nephalem Valor

In order to create an element of challenge and create incentive for players to stick with a single build or spec instead of switching to the best setup for each encounter, Blizzard has implemented a concept called Nephalem Valor. How does Nephalem Valor work? Easy, each time you kill a rare pack, elite or boss you will gain 1 more stack towards your Nephalem Valor Buff. This is not available until level 60, but works on all difficulties from Normal to Inferno.

What is Nephalem Valor Buff?

The buff increases your gold and magic find by a significant amount. With 5 stacks of the buff you will receive 3 rare items after killing a rare pack, elite or boss. You will also receive a crap load of gold. Each pack you kill you receive another stack of the buff, capping at 5 total.

The Nephalem Valor buff is not lost when you die. You will lose it if you swap any active or passive ability (make sure you don’t accidentally drag and drop the abilities on your hot bar). It’s lost when you change Acts, when you leave the game but does is maintained if you switch gear.

Nephalem valor creates an element to the end-game that allows you to do ultimate farming. If you complete an entire act from beginning to end, without dying, with the buff you will max the buff quickly and collect tons of rare gear from the mobs as you go. This gear has the potential to be worth a lot or simply be great upgrades for your character.

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  1. You don’t loose it when you die..

  2. The valor buff does not disappear when you die, only when you switch skills or exit a game.

  3. It is unfortunately untrue that you lose the buff when you die.

  4. You lose it when you die if you’re playing the REAL Diablo III game, hardcore mode that is!

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