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Farming Gold in Diablo 3

Over the last few weeks I shared with you a few ways to make gold by farming bosses. Shortly afterwards Blizzard told us that we wouldn’t be farming bosses… right. Next, I wanted to figure out the fastest way I could farm gold without depending on the sale of crafting items. It’s entirely possible that […]

Gold Find vs. Magic Find

The epic battle between + Gold Find and +Magic Find has just begun. The likely outcome in Diablo 3 will be that players want both or either + Magic Find or + Gold Find, but which one is more important? To find out, we can take a look at how much each contributes to various […]

Farming the Skeleton King

The other day we took a look at what I think is the best way to farm Subtle Essence. Now I wanted to move on to what everyone else is doing and draw a comparison. In the beta everyone just runs the Skeleton King quest line over and over again. It’s easy and only takes […]