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Diablo 3 Farming

In the beta with just 4 quests and around an hour of playtime we were able to find, test and master over a half dozen different ways to farm in Diablo 3. These methods give us more gold per hour and per minute than doing anything else in game, other than possibly playing the auction […]

Making Gold on Day 1

Expansions and patches in World of Warcraft are the absolute best time to make gold. Coming into the update we typically have all the information we need, which glyphs are being added, which raids, which bosses, what will go up in demand and so on. Making gold during the days and weeks after the patch […]

Diablo 3 Speedruns

Today’s beta is short and easy. A brand new player can sit down and beat the first 4 quests in Act I inside an hour if they don’t read quests. If you go slow, reading quests and exploring your character you can still do it between 90 and 120 minutes pretty easily. However, if they […]

Diablo 3 Farming – Going for Blue

Many people in the beta are trying to use their max level characters to farm the limited content available. Undeniably the best way to make gold or beta bucks in the beta is to sell rare and magic items or the materials you salvage from them. A month ago I would have told you that […]