Witch Doctor Stat Preview

The Witch Doctor is the last of the 5 classes I took a look at with the goal of finding out which stats and equipment will be the most important for each class. In a few days I’m going to take all 5 classes and combine them in order to get a good picture of how desired each stat is going to be. But first, the Witch Doctor. This is probably one of the more fun classes to play, with Firebomb and Firebats you can fly through spraying people with exploding fireballs and angry flaming bats.

Witch Doctor Equipment

Just like the other classes the Witch Doctor has 3 types of gear which they are the only one who can use. These include a head piece, the Voodoo Mask, the off-hand, Mojo, and 1 handed Ceremonial Knives. Since the Witch Doctor is the only class with mana, these items are the only ones with mana regeneration and + to max mana. In the beta, I found myself using a two handed axe with high DPS because the Mojos didn’t have enough stats to justify using a 1-hander and I haven’t seen a good ceremonial knife yet.

Witch Doctor Stats

The Witch Doctor will compete with the Wizard for Intellect. Since Witch Doctors don’t take a lot of direct damage, Vitality probably won’t be as important to them as it will be to other classes like the Monk or the Barbarian. Each point of Intellect increases the Witch Doctor’s damage by 1% So 50 Intellect will increase your damage by 50%. It goes without saying Intellect is going to be very valuable for Witch Doctors and will probably need to be on every piece of your equipment.

Witch Doctor Itemization

We know that Intellect is going to be the most important stat, but after that there are several other potentially powerful item mods that Witch Doctor’s may want. They will obviously fight for any sort of damage mod like Critical Damage %, Damage Min/Max, Casting Speed % and the class specific Witch Doctor Dmg %. According to the game files Mojos can be found with +% more damage for Witch Doctors only. I don’t see WD’s going for much damage mitigation and health but hit procs are appealing. Mana regen and max mana are going to be very important to keep the damage coming, like it’s mentioned above these will only be found on Mojos, Ceremonial Knives and Voodoo Masks. So here is what I came up with for the Witch Doctor cheat sheet:

Special Equipment Voodoo Mask
Ceremonial Knives
Mojo (off-hand)
Stats Intellect – + Witch Doctor Damage
Vitality – + Max Health
Item Mods + Critical Damage %
+ Max/Min Damage %
+ Witch Doctor Damage %
+ Casting Speed %
Damage Reduction from ranged attacks by %
+ Mana Regeneration
+ Max Mana
+ Intelligence
+ Any extra WD Skills

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