Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review

If you’ve been reading Diablo 3 Artisans then you’ll realize that at the end of every post I have a little mention about the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets guide. It’s what I refer to as Marcko’s Diablo 3 Community. What you might be looking for though, is a honest review of this community. So hopefully I can answer some questions some people might have on their mind that is limiting them from buying.

Is it a scam?

You may have heard the word ‘scam’ floating around, 100% of the time this will come from someone’s mouth who has never bought a guide online (or an idiot). Since it is impossible to be scammed when dealing with places like ClickBank (who manages the financial transactions of most information products online). Here is a little secret, anytime you buy something from a ClickBank page its backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee for 60 days after the purchase. It doesn’t matter what the seller says about their guarantee, all you have to do is request the refund through ClickBank and it will be filled within a few days. If that doesn’t distill your fears about products like this, I don’t know what will. Even if that refund policy didn’t exist and wasn’t backed by ClickBank you could just call your bank and tell them you were charged for something you never received. It doesn’t even require you to be dishonest, that’s how the system was designed. It gives consumers absolute power.

What do you receive

When you buy Diablo 3 Gold Secrets you’re going to get access to Marcko’s online community, which is hands down the best online diablo 3 gold making community online. Here is a screen shot:

Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum

Keep in mind this is just 5 forums out of about 30 but as you can see there are over 1,000 posts in the Speculation thread. Also keep in mind this screen shot was taken before the game was even released. It’s not rare to find complete guides hiding in these forum either, written by either Marcko or his expert admins who contribute content on a regular basis.This forum is also void of trolls and other idiots like you’ll see on other large online forums.

You’ll get access to these forums, not only to read but to ask questions and contribute. The participants here are extremely active. Marcko doesn’t miss a post or an e-mail, so if you have a question just send it his way.

Do you need it? Is it worth it?

You don’t need it, but honestly it’s going to be just about all the information you’ll ever need to help you make real money and gold in D3. As far as it being worth it, what’s your time worth? You would easily spend 100s of hours compiling and finding the same information, which Marcko has organized into one place. If you don’t value your time that much then maybe you’re better off doing the research yourself. There is still information that is exclusive to the forums that you won’t find anywhere else though. If you value your time or don’t feel like doing hours of research to find what you’re looking for, then hell yeah it’s worth it. It will make your investment back in real money profits relatively quickly.

The competition

If you’re considering another guide I’d honestly recommend you just buy both or all of them. If any of them don’t live up to your expectations then you can always request a refund but I bet you’re going to be pretty damn satisfied with them all. The asking price of most of these products is between $10 and $30. This is a fraction of what you’ve already paid for Diablo 3 and it’s easily going to earn you the money back in the form of Real Auction House Profits. Chances are the time you spend doing research is just wasted time anyways.

But please remember not to be paranoid that you’re going to get “scammed”. You don’t even give the sellers your personal information. Your credit card or other payment method is handled by ClickBank which as been around for over a decade and you don’t have to share your Diablo 3 account info with anyone. If you have any other questions please ask them below.

Click Here to find out more about Marcko’s Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Community

Important: Many of the strategies and tips I share here were originally inspired by the people at the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum. If you're serious about making the big bucks in Diablo 3, or just being the best players, you need to signup ASAP.

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