Gem Combine Prices – Patch 15

The gold sinks in Jewelcrafting just got a whole lot more ridiculous. Thanks to commenter Eagle32 and DiabloNut I’ve got my hands on Patch 15′s gem crafting prices. If you remember my gem calculator (it’s now updated!) from last month the cost of combining each tier of gems (3 Chipped -> 1 Flawed) always cost exactly 50 gold. This small price compounded over 14 tiers equated to roughly 40,000,000 (forty million) gold in order to turn a 1.6 million Chipped gems into a single Level 14 gem (L14 – Radiant Star). In Patch 15 each tier of combinations costs more than the last, some require additional reagents like Page of Jewelcrafting while some even require a recipe be acquired and consumed.


Here is how it works out: You learn the next tier of combination at each level. At level 2 (Journeyman) you learn how to combine 3 L2s (Flawed) into a single L3 (Normal). At level 3, you learn to turn 3 L3s (Normals) into 1 L4 (Flawless). Once you reach level 10 (Exalted) you can learn to combine 3 L10s (Star) into a single L11 (Flawless Star).  However, in order to create L12s, L13s and L14s you will need to find and consume Design: Flawless Star Amethyst, Design: Perfect Star Amethyst and Design: Radiant Star Amethyst.

Prices & Reagents

The Patch 15 price structure is insane. Each tier has it’s own price. L1->L2 costs 500 gold, L2->L3 costs 750, L13->L14 costs 21,000 gold + 10 Tomes of Secrets which I think will sell for at least 1280 gold. Not only do you need gold and 3 of the lower tier gem to create a single gem of the next tier but you will also need several of 3 different mats: Page of Jewelcrafting, Tome of Jewelcrafting and Tome of Secrets. Here is a visualization:

Conversion Cost Additional Reagents
Chipped → Flawed 500
Flawed → Regular 750
Regular → Flawless 1,250
Flawless → Perfect 2,000 1 Page of Jewelcrafting
Perfect → Radiant 3,500 2 Pages of Jewelcrafting
Radiant → Square 5,000 1 Tome of Jewelcrafting
Square → Flawless Square 7,000 2 Tomes of Jewelcrafting
Flawless Square → Perfect Square 9,000 1 Tome of Secrets
Perfect Square → Radiant Square 11,000 2 Tomes of Secrets
Radiant Squate → Star 13,000 3 Tomes of Secrets
Star → Flawless Star 15,500 4 Tomes of Secrets
Flawless Star → Perfect Star 18,000 6 Tomes of Secrets
Perfect Star → Radiant Star 21,000 10 Tomes of Secrets

Keep in mind we have no idea where we will find the Pages of Jewelcrafting, Tomes of Jewelcrafting or Tomes of Secrets. We have no idea what they will cost or how rare they will be. Due to these unknowns we can’t say exactly how much it’s going to cost to combine, but we’ll be talking about it more throughout the week. Please subscribe or comment if you’re not already!

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  1. Could you do another update please? I believe the prices are very out of date.

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