How to Get +2,324% Gold Find (Revised)

Last week I wrote an article about how to get +541% Gold Find and it wasn’t long before people were commenting and sending me e-mails telling me I had it all wrong. What I tried to do was add up the maximum amounts of Gold Find for each item slot to speculate as to what the most possible Gold Find would be. I made a few critical mistakes, so here’s my attempt to redeem myself.

First, I ignored that helmets can have more than one socket. The Archon Crown, for example, has 4 sockets, meaning you can have 4 +31% Gold Find gems in it. Although, the only helms with this many sockets do not have random stats. The Helm of Command, though, has 2 sockets and is legendary, meaning it can have crazy random properties (see below). So instead of going with just 1 socket, we’ll go with 2.

The next error I made was that random mods I used were “Normal.” I completely missed that there are mods specific for legendary gear. These mods are much more powerful. The highest level legendary +Gold Find mod is +160-174%. This mod can be present on any gear including Amulets, Armor, Weapons and Rings, while offhands still only have the normal modifier of 31-40%.

Here are my revised results. There are still 8 pieces of armor, but there are also 2 weapon slots and 2 ring slots and an amulet slot that can have the legendary modifier. There is also the offhand which can only have a secondary normal slot but I’ll ignore it since 1 of the weapons replace it.

This gives us 13 different items that can have 160-174% +Gold Find. That’s 2,262% +Gold Find total, plus the 2 helm gems of 62% total is 2,324% in all. That’s a lot more than +541%!

Honestly I don’t think the legendary mods at D3Inferno are accurate. If you can really have 160-174% +Gold Find on one piece of gear then what good is a L14 gem in your helmet? To me, the scaling just seems way off. Also, 2-handed weapons should have better mods than 1 handed and that’s not reflected in the data. I’m thinking that Blizzard just hasn’t finished this so we will have to wait and see the changes come in the next 2 months.

What do you think? Did I screw up again or is 2,324% +Gold Find do’able with the best +Gold Find gear in game?

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  1. They’ve said over at D3Inferno that they don’t think the legendary mods are done yet so we’re working from unfinished and placeholder data.

    Still we do expect them to be better than standards affixes.

    Problem is to get your set you need to find top end legendaries (rare drops) which have random properties (some will, some won’t), which out of a long list of affixes generate gold find, and not just any gold find but the top affix in the series and then rolls a 174% on the randomised 160-174.

    All told you’re probably more likely to find a Zod rune in D2 than to find this perfect set in D3!

  2. Again, I also replied to this post in the same article: About cheating, RMAH and gold find

  3. So.. max gold find on magics is still 10%… some legendary items start at 11% and most end at 12, a couple at 15 and one at 20%

  4. Looks like some rares got 20% now, I bought some Precious-affix (24%) gold find boots the other day…

    Generating 303K GPH (pure) currently @ 258% gold find.

    are there any places better than this that you’re aware of? you don’t have to tell me where.

    I know some people are making a couple million just buying low and selling high but 2 days for items that wont sell? I could make 14.5m in that time but with considerably more effort.

    • Where are you getting 303k? If you send me some more details I’d like to write more about it. My highest character is still in Hell mode though.

  5. In my opinion, the legendary mods at D3Inferno is accurate to some extent.

  6. Your wrong, dead wrong. Quit making crappy articles. WRONG WRONG WRONG

  7. HighDroPonics

    some rare amulets can have 40 max MF

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