Monk Leveling Build / Leveling Guide

The Monk is a face to face combat class who requires a lot of damage output as well as survivability. To level a Monk you are going to have to carefully manage the two: damage and survivability. Fortunately there is a wide array of active and passive skills that fit these slots.

MonkThis build’s goal is to optimize survivability while maximizing damage output. This basic leveling bulid will focus around Crippling Wave and Lashing Tail Kick. Serenity will be used for replenishment and Sweeping Wind for AoE. Mystic Ally will be used for added auto-damage and Mantra of Retribution will be used for returning damage to the source or Mantra of Conviction for added damage output. By no means is this build designed for you to follow exactly, as you reach level 30 you will have unlocked almost every active and passive ability, try them all a little but know that this build should work as a solid foundation if you are struggling.

Here is the basic level 50 build we will work towards (no skill runes selected):!bcg

Level 1-22

During the first 22 levels just activate the abilities as they come in, experiment with each one and see which matches your play style best. At this point the only skill runes I take advantage of are Mangle for Crippling Wave and Vulture Claw Kick for Lashing Tail Kick. My level 22 build looks like this:!bc!aa

Level 22-30

From level 22-30 you will be completing your first run through the whole game on Normal difficulty. Once you reach Nightmare things will heat us so I recommend you experiment with as many abilities as you can. Otherwise make sure you take the following upgrades:

  • Level 23 – Activate Peaceful Reposte on Serentiy
  • level 27 – Activate Water Ally on Mystic Ally
  • Lvel 28 – Activate Spinning Flame Sick on Lashing Tail Kick
  • Level 29 – Activate Reap What is Sown on Serenity
  • Level 29 – Activate Master of Wind on Sweeping Wind
  • Level 30 – Switch to Mantra of Conviction
  • Level 30 – Fleet Footer Passive

As you can see there are a ton of upgrades within this level range. Once you reach level 30 your build might look like this:!cba!abZaa

Level 30-40

Once you complete the storyline on the Normal difficulty you will have to get a hang of the new Nightmare difficulty. Once you do it will be a good opportunity to repeat content and try completely new builds.

  • At level 33 – Active Blade Storm on Sweeping Wind
  • At level 35 – Grab Overawe for Mantra of Conviction
  • At level 38 – Activate Fire Storm on Sweeping Wind

You will also unlock two new Mystic Allies, use which ever suites you better. By level 38 your build will look like this:!cba!abZbaa

Levels 40-50

From level 40 to 50 there are no notable new skill runes. You will unlock Eternal Ally and finally at level 50 be able to replace Fleet Footed with Combination Strike. By level 50 your build will look like this:!cbg!abZbYa

Level 50-60

These are the last real ‘leveling’ levels and there still aren’t many changes to make to this build.

  • At level 50 – Activate Combination Strike
  • At level 54 – Activate Instant Karma for Serentiy
  • At level 55 – Activate Reclamation for Mantra of Conviction
  • At level 57 – Activate Breaking Wave for Crippling Wave

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  1. Why do you have monk with Combination Strike at 50, but you only have one spirit building skill selected wasting that passive slot, right?

  2. The build 30-40 got me killed a lot. Not saying it might not help other people but personally i think it is a cr**

  3. This build had some ideas, but the healing relies 100% on items. Toss in Transcendence and it actually starts working. Kinda funny spamming attack skills for extra healing, but each extra storm will heal you ~3000 at level 50.

    It’s not amazing. But it’ll get you past anything except elite. You don’t stand a chance in hell against NM bosses with this build.

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