Patch 1.0.3 Changes and the RMAH

The details of Patch 1.0.3 have been circulating for over a week now. Blizzard is bringing big changes to artisans, inferno progression, drop rates and most notably: drop rates. We also expect Blizzard to bring the real money auction house commodities market online for the first time. This will mark the first time players can buy and sell gold in a Blizzard game for real money.

Patch 1.0.3 Changes

We’re expecting Patch 1.0.3 anytime now, maybe next Tuesday. Some big changes are coming:

  • Less expensive to level Blacksmithing
  • Only 2 gems will be required to combine gems up to Flawless Square, instead of 3
  • Repair bills will go up 4 to 6 times of what they are currently
  • Damage dealt by enemies will not be increased in coop games
  • Inferno difficulty will be decreased
  • Level 60 drop rates of level 61-63 gear will be changed to:
Item Hell Act III/IV Inferno Act I Inferno Act II Inferno Act III/IV
Level 61 9% 18% 19% 24%
Level 62 2% 8% 12% 16%
Level 63 0% 2% 4% 8%

As you can see there is a mix of good and bad changes coming. A decrease in artisan leveling costs will make it easier to reach max level and decreasing the cost to combine gems might make the gem market viable.

RMAH Commodity Auctions

The next big release we’re awaiting is the real money commodities auction house to go live. This will unlock the ability for players to sell gold on the auction house for real money. This is going to significantly increase the demand of gold and cause a sudden, possibly short lived, spike in prices. We are already seeing an increase in price as more players post things for $1.25 instead of a few thousand gold on the gold auction house.

Once the commodities go live, especially when gold goes live, players will be able to buy sums of gold in order to buy cheaper gear on the gold auction house. This is going to increase the demand for gold and create more demand on the gold based auction house where prices seem more reasonable.

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