Why You Should Play a Demon Hunter

I decided to play the Demon Hunter based on almost 6 months of beta testing. The Demon Hunter has a wide range of flexibility from massive single target damage to equally massive AoE. It has the ability to be a strong solo class with evasion abilities like Smoke Screen, Vault, Preparation, Caltrops, etc while also having the ability to change its build/spec to be a powerful single target/aoe damage dealer in cooperative games.

Here are some reasons why you should roll a new Demon Hunter if you have not already.


The Demon Hunter may be one of the most dynamic classes. You can create use my “Best Demon Hunter Build” to plow through difficult content on your own. You will have to kite, click fast and pay attention to mob attributes so you don’t die. There is no button mashing here. You simply will not find yourself pressing the same button over and over except perhaps your secondary ability but you will also be moving at the same time.

You can also gear the class to do serious AoE farming. With abilities like Rain of Vengeance, Chakram and Vault you can plow down lower level mobs quickly and stay extremely mobile. You can use the same AoE abilities in a coop game or switch to a single target build that utilized Rapid Fire for immobile attacking.

Fast Twitch Muscle Development

If you suck at video games you might not suck anymore if you bring a Demon Hunter through Hell mode. If you beat Inferno on your own with a Demon Hunter then you’re going to have hulk wrists. You never stop doing something with the Demon Hunter. Caltrop, run, Chakram, run again, Entangling shot the guy who snuck through the trap, Chakram again.

You’ll be paying attention to everything on the screen, fireballs hurling at you, arcane torrents spinning around, new adds from the right side of the screen, poison where you’re about to run and the wall that just got spawned in front of you. You’ll be a better gamer all around for playing the Demon Hunter. After playing the Monk through Nightmare it simply does not feel like I need to pay as much attention to the Monk as I do the Demon Hunter.

Master Kiter

Like I mentioned above you’re going to learn how to kite. If you played World of Warcraft before 2007 when it was taken over by Pokemon and the Carebears you might remember when your group had to organize crownd-control abilities and focus on one target to kill it. The Demon Hunter brings back some of those elements where you actually have to pay attention to where the mobs, what they are doing and what they will probably do next.

Long Fights

You might look at this as a downside, but my friend recently downed Rakonoth on Hell difficulty in 36 seconds with his Barbarian. What fun is that? Earlier that week I had spent 12 minutes fighting Diablo on Nightmare difficulty. If carefully planned and long battles are your thing, the Demon Hunter offers you a tactical and strategic approach to Diablo 3.

Keep in mind that if you buy gear off the Auction House you’re going to blow through content much quicker and probably spend a lot less time on the bosses than I do. I try to take a purist approach so that I can expeirience the game mechanics in their entirety.

What class is your favorite to play?

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  1. Um… you’re winning the argument. All my public games are filling up with Demon Hunters. The class is just too much fun to play. Not overpowered, just fun.

    Dear Blizzard: The answer is to make other classes better, not nerf us DH’s.

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