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Diablo 3 Gold Sinks

In any virtual economy there needs to be “gold sinks” – assuming the currency is gold. Otherwise the amount of gold in circulation increases too quickly. A gold sink is an expense that players pay which has the effect of taking gold out of the economy. This prevents prices from getting too high as more […]

Diablo 3 Speedruns

Today’s beta is short and easy. A brand new player can sit down and beat the first 4 quests in Act I inside an hour if they don’t read quests. If you go slow, reading quests and exploring your character you can still do it between 90 and 120 minutes pretty easily. However, if they […]

Barbarian Stats Preview

The barbarian’s main abilities are physical melee attacks like Bash and Hammer of the Ancients. Most similar to World of Warcraft’s Warrior class, the barbarian generates fury, instead of of rage. and exhausts it with special abilities. Your barbarian’s build will be focused on fury generation and then hard hitting ways to exhaust accumulated fury. […]

To Craft or Not to Craft?

To craft or not to craft… that is the question. One of the more important decisions you’re going to have to make when you load up the release version of Diablo 3 is what to do with all those Subtle Essence you have in your bag. No longer than 30-40 minutes into the game you’re […]

Demon Hunter Stats Preview

The Demon Hunter reminds me, and probably a lot of people, of the Hunter in World of Warcraft. They keep their distance from their targets, use crossbows, bows and traps and have practically no melee ability. If you choose to play a Demon Hunter you’re going to want to have at least a general idea […]

WoW’s New Heart of Aspects and $1,000,000!

If you’re still playing that old World of Warcraft game you may have noticed all over the news that earlier today Blizzard made available an extremely flashy and good looking mount called the Heart of Aspects. This thing is pretty fancy looking.

Diablo 3 Market Tracker

If you’re like me and you’re a well seasoned WoW profiteer, with bank tabs full of Pyrite, Pristine Hides, extra gems and more gold than you know what to do with then you’re probably familiar with some of the popular market tracking tools for World of Warcraft. The first one that comes to mind was […]

Wizard Stats Preview

Making gold and real money in Diablo 3 is going to require a lot of specialized knowledge, not just about your class but about the other 4 character classes in the game. Knowing what a Daibo is and why it exists will help us know what to salvage, sell and keep for later. The Wizard […]

Blizzard Promises: “You’ll Get Your Assess Kicked”

Blizzard released a little teaser video the other day with 3 of the development team’s artists featured explaining in no uncertain terms: “You will die in inferno difficulty!” One of them emphasizes that beta players have played a tiny portion of the easiest difficulty, which he refers to as ‘Farming Level’. It’s been awhile since […]

Activision Announces Diablo 3 Release Date… NOT!

The looooong anticipated Diablo 3 release date has been pushed back twice now, once late last year when Blizzard backed off from a Q4 2011 target and again today when they announced they will not release Diablo 3 in the first quarter, but instead are “targeting a second quarter launch.” So when the hell are […]