Error 37 – The servers are busy at this time

If you participated in the “launch event” I’m sure you’re already familiar with Error 37. As I write this very few people are able to create a character and the game has been “live” for over an hour. Blizzard’s servers simply were not able to handle the 12:01 PDT launch time and I can’t imagine it getting much better over the next 24 hours. While there are certainly a massive number of people trying to login now, there will be even more people throughout the day who sit down and try to enjoy their copy of Diablo III.

Error 37 - The servers are busy

The Auction Houses

What’s even more interesting is the fact that these errors will stop people from logging in but will also effect the auction house. Blizzard’s half-ass stress test 3 weeks ago was obviously a big failure since it did not weed out the issues we’re seeing now. During the stress test, though, we saw an over taxed auction house where refunds were being issued left and right for sales that did not go through at the expected price. At first you might think that those issues were due to the high load on the servers at the time and the high amount of activity, but now we know that that load was nothing compared to what Blizzard will really experience.

Simply put: Blizzard’s gold based auction house didn’t survive the stress test 3 weeks ago but their servers did. Now that the game is live we’re seeing the servers cringe under the real load, what will the auction houses do under the same load?

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  1. well , you buy a copy and you’re attempting to play of course
    but , surprise , you’ll not :evil:

  2. This is so stupid…. I was playing last night after it was at the playable section of the setup worked fine. I only played for about an hour or 2 then I quit and let it finsh the setup now this morning I can’t even get on to play it… 60 bucks for a fucking game that you can’t even play…. Fuck you blizzard…


  4. I agree f$$K you blizzard big big mistake! Say good bye the games not even near the time Period we live in today. It’s easy to see how this might be away to say fuck it we give up let’s screw the customer because we wont have them anyway.”!

  5. I only get a few hours to play the damn thing and very very little have I got to play! Am furious

  6. Fuck blizzard and the fucking error 37 in diablo 3..come on blizzard.. pull your pants up and fix it.. dickheads :evil:

  7. omg,i’ve got 1 hour the game and now don’t work”The servers are busy”.Fucking company X_X :neutral:

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