Final Gold Making Ideas for Launch

Launch is about 8 hours away, hopefully you’re sleeping getting a good rest before the servers open up and the Skeleton King gets pummeled by over a million first-time players. Here’s a list of mental notes I have sitting at my side that I think will be beneficial

Normal Trade Goods

You’re going to have a ton of normal trade goods, these are Sublte Essence, Fallen Teeth and Petrified Bark. This stuff is going to be a lot more valuable over the next week than it is going to be a month or two from now. If you’re not leveling a blacksmith, sell this shit ASAP on the Auction House. If you plan to level a blacksmith make sure you’re going for the gold not just toying around with it. If you’re just going to tool around with a blacksmith, level first then do it in a few weeks. Don’t waste valuable trade goods that will be worthless in 2 weeks.

Nightmare Trade Goods

Once you hit Nightmare difficulty you’re going to start scavenging for Shimmering Essence, Lizard Eyes and Corpse Ash. This will go the way of the dodo just like normal trade goods. Sell them fast unless you’re consuming them yourself.

You will also start seeing Pages of Jewelcrafting and Pages of Blacksmithing. This shit is really valuable, don’t let it sit in your inventory and lose value. Sell it ASAP.

… Trade Goods

Okay, you get the point. Hell and Inferno difficulty trade goods won’t deflate in value as quickly as Normal and Nightmare but they will loose value. Farming is going to be a powerful way to make gold early on so gear up your character and get used to selling things.

At Hell you’ll start seeing Tome of Jewelcrafting and Tome of Blacksmithing, you only need these if you’re going to level those artisans. If you’re not, sell them! In Inferno you’ll get Tome of Secrets, which is used by both the Artisan Jeweler and Artisan Blacksmith.


Gems are a tough decision, do you want to sell them or start hoarding them for yourself? It depends when you’re going to use them. Not just when you’re going to equip them but when you’re going to actually benefit from them. If you don’t need a few extra Dexterity right now why equip it? You can probably sell the gem immediately and then buy them back at a fraction of the cost later.

If you’re a Jeweler, use my gem calculator and try to make some gold as often as possible. You’ll get rich, I can almost guarantee it.


Equipment is tough too, I recommend you at least try to sell everything with at least one decent stat. Decent stats are direct and indirect damage stats. They are class specific stats, +Gold Find, +Magic Find, +Experience, etc. If it’s +health globe radius and +Vitality it’s probably junk. Get into the habit of trying to sell things early and you’ll naturally learn how the various markets work.

Real Money Auction House

If you haven’t already heard, the RMAH will be closed until Blizzard can be sure that it’s going to work. They said that it will be one week but I’m going to bet that it will be longer than that. How can we adjust for this? It’s tough, instead of transferring all our valuable items into gold and then selling that gold for real money we need to try to hold something that will maintain value from now until the RMAH is live. Higher level gems are one potential, since gems are going to maintain value as people try to combine the first trillion dollar radiant stars.

The best thing you can work on is your proficiency. I literally mean practice working in the auction house and dealing with the trade goods. Level the shit out of your characters and make sure when the RMAH is available you have the ability to farm or do whatever it takes to make the most value.

Stay Tuned

The next best thing you can do is join sites like this one so that you are notified when there are new posts. There is a good chance that there are short-lived “exploits” and farming spots that stay incredibly valuable until they are hotfixed by Blizzard. Make sure you’re among the first to know about them by subscribing to Diablo 3 Artisans in the upper right of the page.

Important: Many of the strategies and tips I share here were originally inspired by the people at the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum. If you're serious about making the big bucks in Diablo 3, or just being the best players, you need to signup ASAP.

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  1. You need to be more specific, you cant sell “pages of jewelcrafting” on the auction house. But you can however buy pages to make jewels with, im assuming they work like schematics and are worth a lot on the auction house.

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