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Diablo 3 Expansion

It might seem early to talk about the inevitable Diablo 3 expansion, but many players have already solo’d to the end of Inferno and have long since either started another character or flew the coop. While I’m still working my way diligently through the game many people are asking “will there be a diablo 3 […]

May 15th – Diablo III Official Release Date

This morning Blizzard finally announced the May 15th release date for Diablo III. This gives us exactly until the servers go live. Between now and then you can prepurchase the standard edition at battle.net, download the encrypted client and then be ready as soon as the servers go live.

Diablo Release Date April 17th

That’s right, you heard it here first! Diablo 3′s release date will be April 17th. Okay, you got me. It’s just a rumor. A very popular rumor. So popular that you probably heard it before you saw it here ): Is it true? If it isn’t, the release date is going to be damn close […]

Activision Announces Diablo 3 Release Date… NOT!

The looooong anticipated Diablo 3 release date has been pushed back twice now, once late last year when Blizzard backed off from a Q4 2011 target and again today when they announced they will not release Diablo 3 in the first quarter, but instead are “targeting a second quarter launch.” So when the hell are […]

Diablo 3 Release Date Coming Soon?

It’s now January of 2012, we’re officially in the first quarter of the year and we are anticipating a release sometime before the end of March. As I discussed in my last article about Diablo’s release date, we usually see launch date announcements come right around 2 months before their date. Today, Bashiok a community […]